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CodePenDay Hamburg

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Völckersstr. 38 · Hamburg

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Look for the posters and/or signs near the location

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We are happy to announce the 1st CodePenDay in Hamburg, Germany. We'll have a full day of CodePen awesomeness packed for you ❤️

@CodePenDay ( - #codependayhh (

Schedule - Saturday, Sept. 16th

13:30 ‑ Doors Open (Welcome)

14:15 ‑ Intro

14:30 ‑ Talk: Lisa Passing - Making games

15:00 ‑ Talk: Haroen Viaene - How to Bullgit

15:20 - Talk: Gregor & Diana - We are in this together

15:40 ‑ Break: Snacks

16:00 ‑ Workshop: How to Bullgit or Chill—Do a Pen

17:30 ‑ Show & Tell / Lighting Talks

18:30 ‑ Break: Burritos, Tacos & Beer 🌯 🌮 🍺

19:15 ‑ Talk: Mauricio Palma - Contextualized Interfaces At Warp Speed

19:45 ‑ Talk: Secret Speaker - KISS

20:15 ‑ Outro

20:25 ‑ Family Photo

20:30 ‑ After Party: LiveJS

22:15 ‑ Hamburg City Tour

Food & drinks include vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, lactose-free options (contact us for special requests).

Join us at this awesome event with international speakers, workshops, show & tell and even get a chance to win a CodePen pro subscription

You can win one of two CodePen pro subscription provided by our sponsors (1-year subscription).

Spread the word: #CodePenDayHH

2 CodePen PRO giveaways:

SinnerSchrader GIVEAWAY (fork a pen, and remix it!)

1 CodePen Pro subscription for one year!

Use/fork this template ( to create a poster/flyer for our Meetup. Our 5 favorite pens will be printed as a flyer/poster to be showcased during the event and the best one will be granted a prize.

START DATE:[masked]

END DATE:[masked]

ENTRY FREQUENCY: 1 pen per person


• Everything is allowed!

• The pen should fit any "DIN A" Format (DIN A5 and DIN A0 versions will be printed)

• The template uses viewport units to ensure a usable layout

• Feel free to used fixed values, as long as it fits the format

• If the pen includes an animation, we will use a random state as a static image

GRAND PRIZE: 1 CodePen Pro subscription for one year!


1 CodePen Pro subscription for one year!
(Contest rules will be announced at the meetup)


Catering: Mediatemple ( & SinnerSchrader (

Location: SinnerSchrader (

Extras: Bullgit ( & SinnerSchrader (

@CodePenDay ( - #codependayhh (