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We seek to raise up connectors to provided needed programming or coding skills to individuals with less access around the world.

What if computer or mathematical programmers contributed tokens of air travel miles, hotel rewards and money on a regular basis as heartfelt connectors to support each other to pursue meaningful ventures?

What if the programmer that wants to support REMOTELY with development of curriculums, program evaluation, streamlining the budget and business strategy could help the programmer that would TRAVEL to a place or country to conduct seminars, teach programming languages, host career workshops, organize networking events and capture feedback in LIVE sessions? And what if both tenets acted in tandem as two sides of the same coin to close the gap in technology education one programmer at a time?

At Coders Who Travel Inc. [CWT], we believe that it is possible for the world community of programmers or coders to band together and have a system to support each other in this pursuit of meaningfulness. A system where costs and risks are distributed among those who are in developed countries, those who are in developing countries as well as those who are caught between- what we call bridge-builders or connectors.

Thank you for your interest! We invite you to join this adventure. Whatever is on your heart, we believe that when a programmer or coder travels great things can happen!

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Ghana Data Science Summit 2019

AITI-KACE (Advance Information Technology Institute- Kofi Annan Centre of Excellence)

Happy Saturday! We are looking for volunteers to support the presence of Coders Who Travel at the maiden Ghana Data Science Summit 2019 (http://www.indabaxghana.com) General applications have closed for this event. But as a volunteer for CWT, we can negotiate since we are friends with the organizers. Happy dance! The event will be geared towards focus group discussions between faculty at tertiary institutions and c-suite executives. We look forward to assessing if this event, can pulled off at this short two weeks notice. Thanks & Kind Regards- Rosie, on behalf of the CWT team.

Focus group discussions | Listening to Faculty at University of Ghana

Legon Interdenominational Church

Lecturers, Teaching Assistants and Managers at the University of Ghana (and other tertiary institutions) juggle between many duties. They deal with high-student ratios. Under funded resources for Science and Computer labs. Not only STEM majors but even Arts/Humanities curriculums. It is very easy to blame these men and women fighting every day to ensure the next generation of engineers, computer and mathematical programmers, economics and business school majors in Ghana have adequate skillsets. The Coders Who Travel team has spoken to students and career professionals in September 1, 2018. On February 5, 2019, we spoke to C-Suite executives. Now, we want the Faculty to know what their students feel, know and say versus what C-suite executives (who make hiring decisions) believe should be the right project-based training at schools. This is a win-win situation!

Developing a platform for seasoned women traders in Makola to sell more

There is a lot to be learned from well respected women who have traded shoes, bags, electronics, gadgets, make-up, cosmetics and other goods for more than 10 years in the trading town called Makola in the heart of Accra; Ghana's capital. These women love the adventure of traveling and discovering products that resonate with Ghanaians particularly the youth. They have built successful businesses without leveraging too much technology. Imagine if the Coders Who Travel-Africa group could come together to enable them develop platforms that allows them to sell more. We asked one of them, and she said, "we would like that!" That is what this meeting is about: Getting to know them Discussing their needs Exploring a potential partnership with them

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Learn To Interview - Meet Industry Managers and Leaders

Tullow Ghana Limited

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