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Coders against Coronovirus are a decentrelised collective of technologist who are not going to sit idle when the world is ravaged by a deadly disease. Supported by business, policymakers and thinkers we build tools that aim to curb the outbreak and save thousands, if not millions of lives. We are not for profit and we have no borders - human life is a human life.

​We welcome everybody, regardless of a background, even with no background at all. We need not only technologists, but people from all walks of life. There is so much more that goes into building a technology than a technical skill itself - often, non techie skill represents more than 50% of the overall work. Whoever you are, just join now.

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Wipe the Floor with Corona - Online

Online event

While this nasty virus is on a killing spree, we have to unite, put our minds together, and fight back. Besides the standard governmental guidelines on what we should do, in the age of tech we have the power to significantly hinder the spread of this virus, save lives and spare people the suffering. For the first meeting, please (regardless of whether you can make the meeting or not) COME UP WITH AT LEAST ONE IDEA, in any of the two categories below: 1. Save lives - stopping the spread, identifying the vulnerable, protecting communities etc. 2. Help the economy - helping people with no income/who lost their jobs, saving small/medium businesses from going bust, enabling economical survival etc. If you don't have any ideas, attend anyway - we need your help to analyse, scrutinise, select and eventually implement these projects. And remember, we are here to take a real action and put YOUR IDEAS into life. IMPORTANT - please send your ideas BEFORE the meeting if you can. You can either post them on the discussion board here, send me a dm or email me on [masked]. It will make the meeting go smoother. Virtual Meeting Place - TBC soon. SEE YOU SOON! Jacek

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