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Calling all coding enthusiasts, students, soldiers, veterans, brave spirits, the strong willed, relentless, the curious, programming adventurous, and brain powerful athletes.

My name is Maura. I am your host. I aim to be a Full Stack Web Developer (self-taught), YES it's possible! The goal is to meet up with others who are striving towards achieving their own personal coding, programming, developer goal. All skill levels are welcome. There will be those times when you'll get stuck on a code and perhaps the person next to you may have already gone through the same experience and help shed some light to the solution and maybe pass you a tissue so you may wipe your tears of frustration. Sometimes we just need to get out of our bat cave and connect with others who are like minded. We need that at times. Yes! You know I speak the truth!

During our meetup, we may share ideas, a cup of coffee or some mint green tea, ok, perhaps some pizza for those really tough coding sessions, attend workshops together, share study materials (for example, I just got the hard copy of "Cracking the Coding Interview - 189 Programming Questions & Solutions" by Gayle Laakmann McDowell. I also have "Introduction to Algorithms - 3rd Edition" in digital form).

As the group grows bigger and stronger, our collective ideas will cause this long journey towards coding greatness to be much more enjoyable and rewarding. I'm looking to create an environment where we'll feel support, encouragement, motivation, shared resources, and a coding Zen. Lets make it happen! There's always the potential of making a new friend and one who will truly understand your coding challenges.

Place: Miami Springs Branch Library - 401 Westward Dr., Miami Springs, FL 33166
Phone Number for Miami Springs Library - 305-805-3811 (just in case you need more directions on how to get there but it's a small city so it's pretty easy to find).
When: Saturday - July 20, 2019
Time: 11:30am

See you soon!!! By the way, it's a library so if you have kids, bring them! I have a 7yr old who spends her day in the library drawing table doing arts and craft, uses her own tablet, plays with her toys, and even uses the library's computer as I focus on my studies. As I go through my own journey, I look to inspire those I connect with to truly believe that anything is possible!

See you soon!

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