• Preparation meets Opportunity - A Product Development Seminar

    Hi Techies! We have another awesomee event planned for you all! We will be hosting a Product Development Seminar with Lawrence (https://www.linkedin.com/in/lawrencepatrick3) & Sabrina (https://www.linkedin.com/in/sabrinaurrutia) from JupiterKSA - for all of you who are working on a startup or seriously planning on pursuing one! This seminar is designed to teach founders, CEOs and product chiefs how to: -- Transform a great idea from a concept to viable product -- Refine your product market fit (to discover new addressable markets for your product) -- Develop a product roadmap -- Understand how to price your product better -- Use science and psychology to grow your user base -- Create a sustainable competitive advantage -- Apply design thinking principles to the dev process -- Learn the CUTS™ system (a step-by-step process to product development) **Please complete the following survey in advance (required to participate) ** http://goo.gl/forms/Nui82mcy7l We'll see you there! Sadé About the facilitators JupiterKSA is a strategy consulting firm that helps startup founders and other transformational leaders grow, flourish and thrive. With deep experience across a wide variety of industries, JupiterKSA consultants bring best practices and innovative ideas gathered from global thought leaders to solve problems.

  • MAKER'S CLUB: Innovation WorkShop

    Dev Bootcamp

    ** Please note the updated location for this event! It will be at Dev Bootcamp in San Francisco! ** Hi Everyone! We have a really exciting work-session planned out for you all. Our upcoming event is intended for "makers", creatives and critical thinkers. Bring your ideas, your startups, and anything else that you are working on/want to work on. At this event, we will break up in groups and each person will get the opportunity to share what they are working on. We will all offer feedback/suggestions to one another based on the ideas that are shared. Yes, this will be in the Bay Area, so we are sure that most attendees will be aspiring entrepreneurs and innovators of some kind. However, you are invited even if you are simply interested and would love to provide feedback. This will be immensely useful, wildly inspiring and FUN! We are looking forward to witnessing your minds working together on real-tangible ideas! **This will be a SAFE space to really flesh things out concerning your idea. Upon arrival, each guest will be required to sign a Mass Non-Disclosure Agreement, legally acknowledging that the ideas that they hear will belong solely to the originator of the idea. Also, whatever suggestions that a person shares (no matter how great/beneficial) will legally belong to the idea originator, to whom the suggestion was given. If you would like more details about the legal implications of this workshop, or to read the NDA beforehand, please feel free to reach out to me.**

  • How to Get your Startup/Life off the Ground **Starring AngelList

    Hi Everyone, This is a virtual meetup event through Google Hangouts on Air,. You can connect HERE (https://plus.google.com/u/0/events/cffnjheeq8q2omoo96bk05c7mms). We have been on a rather lengthy hiatus, to take some time to build out our startups! We appreciate your understanding, and we want to take some time to offer back some of the best lessons we’ve learned and best tools we’ve acquired, as founders. #2 on our list of most resourceful tools is AngelList! For Founders, AngelList helps in 1. Establishing your startup as a legitimate venture 2. Building out your team/company 3. Gaining Investments AngelList is also a GREAT resource for job seekers, who can express interest in a job in as few as 5 sentences, rather than through a lengthy cover-letter. The site lets you know when an employer is mutually interested in you, before introducing you both by email. This is a great way to connect directly with Founders and to secure the tech. job that you want! We'll give you all some great nuggets about getting hired through AngelList! We’ve Leveraged AngelList to considerably propel our start-ups forward, now we want to teach you all how you can do the same! We’d love for you to join us, whether you’re in the early stages of your Startup or further along, whether you're freelancing or looking for a steady job...We guarantee you’ll walk away with the resources and motivation to turn your dreams into goals. We will be broadcasting this session through Periscope & Hangouts. Stay tuned for the links to connect! Sadé & Brian

  • "Lessons From 500!"

    Google Hangouts on Air

    Hi Everyone, Please Note: *This event will be at 6PM EST & 9PM PST* If you are in NY, you will be hopping on @9PM and if you are in SF, you will be hopping on at 6PM We will be streaming live using Google Hangouts on Air. You can join the call HERE (https://plus.google.com/events/co3mm9bsm723etsuotuppni0dh0). We have been on a rather lengthy hiatus, while taking great steps to build out our startups! We appreciate your understanding, and we want to take some time to offer back some of the best lessons we’ve learned and best tools we’ve acquired, as founders. #1 on our list of best advice we can give is from 500 Startups! While working with 500 Startups this past summer, and becoming a part of the #500Strong Community, we've gained an invaluable amount of social capital, start-up knowledge, know-how for establishing tech. connections and for securing investments. For all of our current and soon-to-be founders out there, this is for you! We'll be covering the 3 major aspects of working with an accelerator: 1. Applying & Gaining Acceptance 2. Mentorship & Relationships 3. Funding and Allocation. This will be our very first virtual meetup but it is the last thing you want to miss! Sadé & Brian

  • #PoweredByHer

    Thoughtworks Inc

    Join "Girls Who Code" and JPD Studio in the launching of #PoweredByHer, an initiative designed to celebrate, showcase and support the efforts of girls in tech. There will be bites, drinks, and demos by Girls Who Code. It will be a great evening of mingling, mentoring, and joining together to build up women in technology. Please register for the evening here. (http://bit.ly/pbhparty) Coding in Color is currently partnering with meetup groups that have similar missions, as we work towards a greater collective goal. We support and endorse this event and encourage you all to take part! So, check it out, meet new people and support the rise of women in the field! ** Don't forget to RSVP here. (http://bit.ly/pbhparty) Email Amy Schantz [aschantz @ thoughtworks.com] or Jessica Perilla [jessica @ jpdstudio.com] with questions - Sadé & Brian

  • #getPiqued: Pique's Private Launch Party

    General Assemb.ly NY

    **Due to the high demand for tickets, we have allocated 20 more tickets for CIC members only** As many of you know, this Friday will be the OFFICIAL LAUNCH of Pique. Pique is a project-based networking platform that we have been working on for the past month. This is an invite-only launch with tech leaders from NYC including serial entrepreneur & startup advisor, Alim Williams and Rameet Chawla, the Founder of Fueled, a dev. shop based out of SoHo that grosses roughly $8 million a year. Along with our special guest speakers, we will have an open bar and the unveiling of our app! Of course we would love for you all to be there, but we don't have enough tickets remaining to accommodate a large group. If you are interested in attending, you can reserve a ticket at pique.splashthat.com. <*To waive the admissions fee, simply follow pique on twitter at @thepiqueapp & tweet with the hashtag #getPiqued & we will send you the promo code.> (P.S. if you can't make it, you can still check pique out by signing up to be a beta tester at pique.nyc) We hope to see some of you there! Sadé & Brian

  • CO-CREATORS LAB: Networking Genius

    General Assemb.ly NY

    Hi everyone! Coding in Color is back with an amazing event planned for you all. We will be hosting CO-Creators Lab, which will be a speed-searching event for those of you who are interested in finding people to support your ideas, plans or interests. This is the perfect event for upcoming entrepreneurs, current students or recent graduates, hoping to build out their skills or for people looking to network by working on something awesome! We have a few fun activities planned out for you all and of course some amazing, experienced speakers, including: Ricardo Jimenez Ricardo is the cofounder of Qlovi, an education technology company backed by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. He is also a web developer who has worked at leading tech. companies including Intel, IBM and the MIT Media Lab. Abby Adesina Abby is an engineering consultant and technical recruiter hailing right out of Atlanta Georgia. She is educated as a project management professional in information Technology but her industrial expertise is planted in finance and marketing and Lean Six Sigma. Arthur Ward Jr. Arthur is a programmer, game designer and tinkerer, working at Vector Media Group! He has curated exhibitions with the NYC art collective, Babycastles through various arcade installations locally and internationally. He also worked as a game programmer for Arkadium and assisted with the First Lego League coaching endeavor! -- At the event, we will also be giving you all a sneak-peek at an app. called Pique, that your very own Brian Rucker, has nurtured into creation, before it’s official launch on April 24th! Trust us, there is NO way you that you want to miss this meeting. We’ll be exchanging a lot of value and forming connections that can’t be undone! We will see you all there! -Sadé & Brian *Pique is a networking and collaboration app. that allows professionals to connect by working on projects together! This sneak peek will be shared exclusively with the coding in color community and each person will get the opportunity to sign on as the very first beta testers if interested!

  • <Coding_in_Color>

    General Assemb.ly NY

    This event is for entrepreneurs and techies who are interested in building connections with coders, engineers and entrepreneurs of color. This is open to people with varying degrees of experience and people who are interested in finding co-partners or co-founders for their start-ups. This will be a naturally interactive event, so don't worry about how you'll make these connections, just show up and we'll help you do the rest! There are some incredible ideas and innovators emerging in the Black, Asian and Latino communities. This event intends to link you with people you may otherwise never meet, to create meaningful connections and powerful teams. We hope to see you on Thursday!