What we're about

Writing is a supportive tool, accessible to all. It can help us to understand past events, to explore our current reactions and to help visualise our futures. It can support well being. Come and try this nurturing, informal reflective writing group. I keep numbers small so that all can experience time to share and explore. All members of the group are supported to write at their own level and depth; no writing experience is necessary. Each person's focus for exploration can be accommodated. Come along to this safe space to explore and re- experience yourself.

Testimonial from one regular writer: Writing with Maura on a weekly basis in the last couple of months has been a constant surprise. A surprise in what aspects of my own patterns I uncover that I didn't see before, and a surprise of what this seemingly simple tool has to offer. We wrote from ever changing perspectives, using new techniques, sometimes engaging with other forms of art, helping bring out deeper and deeper insights about the roads we're each travelling on. On the other hand, the crucial stable point is Maura's attention. She is fully there in the sessions, cares, and remembers our progress, which helps a lot in putting the journey in perspective. This simple, pure method of writing with her has been a weekly source of reflection and a support in going forward, which I'm thankful for, and will continue to take part in.

Bring something to write with and on. Bring what is on your mind. Primarily- bring yourself, just as you are.

This group runs for an hour at Evolution Arts Centre, 2 Sillwood Road, Brighton BN1 2LR. Each writer pays £9.00 a session. Please note that this building has 4 flights of stairs to reach the studio room where I work. I am afraid it is therefore not fully accessible if you have mobility difficulties.

The next closed 6 week block is planned for 01/09/20. Secure your place as 1 of the 4 writers for the next block of sessions by messaging me to arrange making a full payment: £45.

COVID-19 STATEMENT: I have used the wording 'is planned for' as we have to be responsive to government guidelines in response to changes to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Once participants are signed up I will stay in contact with them about the planned event. The room where we would work is large enough to accommodate 4 people only to leave safe space between us. I will operate a fan to keep air moving and open the external door, thus encouraging air droplets to leave the room.

If any of us or those we live with show symptoms of the virus, we will agree to not attend the centre and to alert each other via an agreed method.

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