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Very simple. No special activities, no fees, no special program, just a regular opportunity to get out and socialize at different coffee shops in Edmonton. An inexpensive opportunity to meet an eclectic group of new people.

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Amber Cafe and Restaurant # 2 - Back to Back (1 Hour Later)

Amber Cafe & Restaurant

My reasons for Back to Back: I loved this place and others seemed to enjoy it as well. There was plenty of space to sit. Vamsi, the manager has told me the cafe side of the restaurant is usually quiet on a Saturday night. (we had the whole place to ourselves) It was easy for me to arrange again, no research involved. it's a busy time of the year at the moment. If you couldn't make it last time, you might want another crack at visiting. Parking didn't appear to be a problem at all. There was lots of poetry by Rumi. Vamsi would like to have us back. WAIT LIST - I have always had wait list issues, my therapist is tired of hearing about them. I always want everyone to feel like they can sign up and cancel as they please, it's just coffee. The laid back approach about this is not an option for me, so if a wait list develops, don't be intimidated about signing up, it usually evaporates because plans change for a lot of individuals before the event. My therapist and my true self are good with this strategy, we have now let it go. :)) If you have any questions, don't hesitate to send me a message. Below is the description I posted last time: This place is new, REALLY COOL and there is TONS of space. I've visited a few times and done a little research so if this event works for you I think it could be really FUN. It appears that word has not gotten out yet about Amber Cafe and Restaurant, so it will be nice to support a new business. If you have heard of the old "Gas Pump" bar in the Oliver community downtown, you know the location. The transformation of the old bar to the new cafe / restaurant is nothing short of impressive. (at least to me) Even though it is on the "trendy side" for a coffee group, the management has assured me that you are only obliged to order ONE CUP OF COFFEE. If you want something to eat, there will be plenty of options. I actually discovered the place when I attended another Meetup group that visits regularly. I just had a couple cups of tea. When I talked to the staff, they mentioned that Saturday was the best night for us to attend. I scouted out the parking a few times and there are 8 parking stalls at the rear of the building. Street parking restrictions in the immediate area are for Monday to Friday, so weekend parking appears okay. The last alternative which I hope is avoidable is paid parking lots which list parking for 4 or 5 dollars for the full day. Of the three times I have been there, I have found street parking each time. I have also found available parking within two to three blocks. I'm thinking transit options should be good since it is very close to Jasper Avenue. Check out their Facebook page if you want to have a look at the place.

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Amber Cafe and Restaurant - New!!!!! Please Read Below

Amber Cafe & Restaurant

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