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Online Critique Group - Thursday Evenings with William Engle

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Every week on Thursday

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We will be meeting on Skype. ***PLEASE MUTE YOUR MICROPHONE unless you're reading or critiquing.


Awesome Community AND AMAZING STORIES !

The Goal of Coffee House Writers Group is to help writers at all levels sharpen their craft, find useful writing resources and connect with other writers. Through our weekly critique groups we provide constructive feedback and support. Everyone is welcome here. We do not distinguish between returning members and the brand new!


Writers read their work aloud. All critiquing happens on the spot. That means NO HOMEWORK!

My Skype is skype address is purpose.driven.hypnosis

MY cell number[masked]

***This is the first time we are trying this out. We will have specific instructions coming soon so check back here!

We can only have 10 members total for the group. Our Online Skype Critique Group is 5pm to 9pm, but you can join the group at any time and stay for as long as it suits you. When you sign on, please wait for the reader to finish and William will take your name and assign you a number. The sign-in sheet distinguishes those that wish to read their work aloud and for those that do not. There is no obligation to present your work or to critique others. Do only what you are comfortable. You may "Pass" when it's your turn to critique.

When we get started, we go down the sign-in sheet for readings. When a reader has finished, each person in the skype group will have their own time to critique the work starting with number one and so on. During that time, the speaker has the floor and is not to be interrupted by anyone else –even the person that just read. It is not a discussion, just unbiased editing advice. For the sake of time, any back and forth should be for clarification purposes only.

Can’t wait to see you and hear your stories! *Guidelines Below*


Speak up so everyone can hear you. It's possible to submit work to the skype group through google docs or skype for everyone to follow along, but there's no requirement.

You can read any kind of piece you wish including prose, poetry, and scripts. Strong language is permitted and should be expected by all who come. We like to think of our group as rated M for mature. The only genre we do not read aloud is erotica to respect others.

There is no time limit on reading. We just ask that you watch your time and be respectful of other writers wanting to read. If there are more members attending, the time reading might be shorter than if there are fewer members attending. It's a community effort. Please just take home with you the feedback that works for you and leave what doesn't at the table. No one needs to know what critiques you do or do not like. The critiques given should never turn into debates. Everyone in the group is here to help you grow as a writer and inspire you to write.

You do not have to use any commentary given on your piece that you do not agree with. Put your heart away and understand that we critique the work, not the writer. Do not feel like you have to defend your work.


We don’t critique others’ critiques. Avoid debates and let the person speaking give their feedback.

Keep all talk constructive. Example –Saying something is boring does not help. Rather say instead why something was unable to keep your attention. Give the reader something they can use to better their work.

Keep all feedback concise. This keeps it from being diluted and saves time. We suggest taking notes. If possible, feedback such as “show don’t tell” should reference specific items. Avoid language directing the author such as “You should” and instead focus on yourself i.e. “I prefer.”


Please be respectful of all who attend. Harassment of any nature will not be tolerated at any of our venues or online. Please see or message your group facilitator if you have any concerns.


Hi, I'm William but please call me Bill, Coffee House Writers Group (CHWG) Online Critique Facilitator. CHWG President and CEO, Christine Marie Bryant has been wanting to start an Online Critique Group and I've accepted the opportunity to spearhead this adventure! I attended the Anaheim and Fullerton Critique Groups for almost 2 years before I relocated to Post Falls, Idaho. I enjoyed my time with Coffee House Writers Group and it's definitely a part of my life that I miss after moving to Idaho. I'm looking forward to continuing my connection with the Coffee House Writers Group through running these Online Critique Groups. Don't hesitate to message me with questions. My facebook is - My email is [masked] - Please write CHWG in the subject box. Christine will also be happy to answer questions at[masked]

We have an active Facebook Group with a community of writers to interact with. No spam or solicitation. We also have a fan page for anyone to "like." Follow us on Twitter @CHWritersGroup