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Present Your Startup to Potential Cofounders, Employees, and Investors

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Chen Sun; W.


Starting a startup, and wanting to find fellow cofounders, employees, and investors?

This multi-Meetup event will gather potential cofounders, employees, and investors to review your startup project. Present-pitch your idea-company to persuade them to join your team.

Presenters should:

  1. Explain the problem needing solutions.

  2. Explain cofounder's solution and competitive advantages.

  3. Explain the team built.

  4. Explain what cofounders and employees seeking.

  5. Pitch to investors, if team is complete.

Many startup projects have confidential information, so let Chen, Organizer, share somethings here, having seen many of these. If the idea really is good, chances are outstanding you'll be laughed at. Very few people will understand these and even fewer understand the full scope of these. And, of these very fewer, most are working on their own ideas and projects, unlikely to have your same competitive advantages, and unlikely to be interested. There will be very very few who understand the full value, have the skillsets, interest, and time to execute your idea. This means, don't be so paranoid about your idea, and additionally, your idea is probably a bad idea to begin with--let them steal it.

Most importantly, it's astronomically rare that a great idea is right the first pass-- it takes a lot of new ideas and revisions to get the idea refined to be successful.

Yes, still, there is a possibility your idea can be stolen, and such fear may prevent a presentation.

The objective of these presentations is to attract cofounders, employees, and investors to the first stage of discussions. If you have information that need to be kept confidential (and for reasons above, most cofounders are paranoid rather than assessing risks properly), you should limit your presentation such that enough is presented to enable others to then request to talk with you. At which time, you can better evaluate the person.

If you're interested in presenting, write such in the comments below, and the amount of time you need. Chen recommends 10 minutes, with 10 minutes of Q&A.

This is a multi-Meetup events, lots of people will be here. If unable to attend, please cancel, so those on wait list can attend.

Needs a location