What we're about

this is a group for any one interested in self exploration, wellness, self improvement & spirituality. I started this group to invite people to attend my various workshops based on the philosophy of "Louise Hay" a metaphysical Leader. In these workshops, you learn how to make the Universe work for you!!! These workshops address the “Law of Attraction” in all aspects of our lives- relationships, health, success, work, prosperity. These workshops also offer profound insights into the relationship between mind & the body. "You learn to develop awareness of limiting negative beliefs regarding love, abundance, prosperity & harmonious relationships, to release old unwanted emotions, to love themselves more fully & practice the techniques for changing their lives. “We are each responsible for all our experiences” “Every thought we think is creating our future” “The Point of Power is always in the present moment” “We create every so –called illness in our body” “When we really love ourselves everything in our life works” CALLING ALL PEOPLE WHO WANT TO MAKE 2015 YOUR MOST INCREDIBLE YEAR EVER, WHO WANT THEIR DREAMS COME TRUE . Learn how to use the Law of Attraction to create what you want in Life!

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