• CoinFestUK 2019

    Manchester Conference Centre

    Tickets now available at : https://coinfestuk.org CoinFestUK is returning in April 2019! We will be hosting workshops, speaker presentations, crypto activities and showcasing a range of crypto projects/exhibitions (and don't forget the free Pizza!). We have new and old exhibitors returning, popular workshops returning aswell as an awesome speaker lineup currently being organised. As always our event is free to attend Our 2019 Website is now live: https://coinfestuk.org/CF2019 Our tracks include: Purple Track: Our Speaker Track Green Track: Our Exhibition track Orange Track: Our Workshop Track For 2018 we had activities including: Cash Grabber, Guess The Combination aswell as our Crypto Raffle and Photo Booth. Following feedback these will return for our 2019 event! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our headline sponsors for 2019 MonetaryUnit (https://www.monetaryunit.org/) (MUE) - Aswell as headline sponsor MonetaryUnit are lanyard sponsors and will also be exhibiting so make sure to catchup with them at the event EthBits (https://ethbits.com/) (ETBS) - EthBits will also be exhibiting at CoinFestUK 2019! Make sure to catchup with the team! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Awesome Sponsors! BittyBot (http://bittybot.co/uk/) have returned as sponsors for our 2019 event and have supported every CoinFestUK event since our start! The awesome Crown (https://crown.tech/) team have also sponsored our event again this year! Some of our new sponsors for 2019 include CommerceBlock (https://www.commerceblock.com), Hoard (https://www.hoard.exchange), EasyCryptoHunter (https://www.easycryptohunter.co.uk) and Trippki (https://trippki.com) Our current list of 2019 exhibitors includes: MonetaryUnit (https://www.monetaryunit.org/), EthBits (https://ethbits.com/), MyHardwareWallet, Hodlr.Rocks, Mosaic.Rocks, Inspiring Company Limited, DigiByte, Lighting Collect, ColmoreFX, PolymerBit, EasyCryptoHunter and Hoard. Join us in Manchester in April 2019

  • CoinFestUK 2018

    Manchester Conference Centre

    CoinFestUK 2018 is set to host a range of speaker presentations, workshops, exhibitions and crypto activities topped off with free pizza! Full details can be found on our new website at: http://coinfestuk.org/CF2018 Our confirmed venue is the Manchester Conference Centre, M1 3BB - See our website for further details including directions, hotel room discounts and amenities. Tickets are now available at: https://coinfestuk.org/tickets/ Remember CoinFestUK is FREE TO ATTEND! We are proud to be Manchester based and part of a extensive @coinfest (https://twitter.com/CoinFest) #CoinFest (https://twitter.com/hashtag/CoinFest?src=hash) network

  • CoinFest UK 2017 - April 7th & 8th

    Manchester Conference Centre

    We have a confirmed speaker lineup for our event including Sam Davies from Digitial Catapult, Gary Broadfield, Dan Hughes : Radix (Formerly eMunie), Ronny Boesing : OpenLedger, Nick Ayton, Alice Corsini - Oraclize, Dominic Frisby and Valentina Picozzi : Satoshi Gallery. Aswell as speaker sessions we also host workshops with this years confirmed workshops including Bitcoin education sessions hosted Matthew by Portsmouth Crypto, Intro to Blockchain, Smart Contracts and Distributed Databases hosted by Glynn Bird, Mining education sessions hosted GregWalker. Satoshi School will also be present at CoinFestUK hosting a range of workshops. Aswell as these speaker sessions and workshops we will have exhibitors including Radix (Formerly eMunie),Cashaa team, Beyond the void and OKCash will be present at the event and showcasing their latest developments. Bitcoin ATMs will also be present at the event from both BCB ATM and Satoshipoint giving attendees easy access to picking up some Bitcoin.

  • Manchester CoinFest UK 2016 - April 8th & 9th

    CoinFest UK will operate over two floors, on the top floor we will be hosting our speakers some of our speakers include, Dan @ eMunie team, Ronny Boesing CEO @ bit-x.com and the BitcoinRat. On the ground floor we will have activities including a live ROKOS system, short education sessions, sponsored giveaways, a demo of GameCredits latest cryptocurrency based games and have a live debit card demonstration from the eMunie team. We are aiming for CoinFest UK to be a hub for people interested in cryptocurrencies at every level a place for them to become engaged. You can book tickets via our website, the event is free to attend! Tickets holders will be entered in our raffles which will be drawn over the two days. See our website : CoinFestUK.org (http://www.CoinFestUK.org) for more information. In the run up to the event we will be announcing some of the sponsor giveaways.