• Free ROOT Beer (and regular beer to root with)

    PJ Clarke's on the Hudson

    If you make it to the second half last minute - you deserve a free beer. Come root for your side and talk about the sharing economy at PJ Clarks downtown

  • pitch your sharing startup

    Washington Square Park

    EVERYONE IN THIS GROUP SHOULD GO TO http://sharenyc.net/ (that is not our event we are not affiliated with it just big supporters of what they are doing). If you are around AFTER that event... and want to meetup to discuss what you are working on and get feedback from your peers...

  • Lean Startup & Your Sharing Startup



    There is a good deal of hype around the term Lean Startup. The same has been true of the Sharing Economy for several years. Let's use science and logic to cut through and see what is true/valuable in both areas. Come pitch your idea to a panel of 3 lean startup / collcons judges. Each pitch will be critiqued not on the merit of the idea, but on the basis of a problem customer hypothesis. The winner walks out with a hundred dollar bill and a landing page experiment designed for them. FREE BEER.

  • Abdul is in town and Danielle needs help w/ "Sharing Cities"

    Self organized year end meetup if anyone is around...

  • Disrupting Transportation in Cities.

    Needs a location


    Transportation is getting smarter, easier, cheaper (in some cases), and more eco friendly thanks to innovative companies like GoGreenRide, Sobi, Uber, Hailo, etc. Even "traditional" car rental companies like Enterprise are starting to notice that the industry is being disrupted (for the better?) and is getting involved. (http://www.enterprisecarshare.com/) Let's have an open conversation about what problems these companies are solving and which one is right for you (depending on the situation). As always-- there is a no BS competition policy. Open dialogs will continue to make the pie bigger and more shareable. It is better for consumers and also helps the innovators focus on a niche and solve specific problems insanely well. Unlike some other meetups- this one is completely open... a fitting experiment. Edit anything you want, wikipedia style.. other than the date and time once it is set and has more than 10 RSVP's. contact us for the location

  • Want your sharing startup in a book?

    Location visible to members

    Come sit with a PHD author writing about the sharing economy. Limited to 5 people, we are also testing the viability of same day get togethers. Very casual, come ready to discuss the PROBLEM that your startup aims to solve and other details about how you are going to disrupt the world through sharing, access, p2p or some other model associated with what we know as collaborative consumption. Has to be @ALLEY for logistics - have some out of town guests who want to see the space as well. Beers on me.

  • New(ish) Year get-together, Shareable fundraiser, RepStamp welcome party!

    Complimentary adult beverages. Nothing is more shareable than cheap wine! The new year is an excuse to get together and talk about what everyone is trying to accomplish in 2013 with their sharing startup. Come meet your fellow sharing founders and your users in NYC - and help Shareable at the same time. Half of the door goes to them. We will make the donation on your behalf. If you want to give more-- or if you want to learn more http://www.shareable.net/blog/shareables-future-hangs-in-the-balance We are also welcoming some friends from out of town at tonight's meetup.

  • Business models for sharing!



    Many people think that sharing = free. Unfortunately that is not sustainable. Sharing should be about FREEquency. The more an item is used, the more "efficient" it is. Business models affect the frequency of an item's use by determining who "owns" it, what it costs to access, who pays for maintenance, etc. Let's get together and discuss the difference between free models and the ones that work differently.

  • Pop Up Library #3 - Alley NYC w/WebThriftStore

    Same as last time- with an added bonus. You can choose if you want to lend the item, or if you do not want it back, you can donate it to a great cause and a great local sharing economy startup, webthriftstore.com. Here's how it works. Bring anything you are willing to lend or donate to the open house from 1-5pm. If you are lending it- just tell us when you want it back. Anyone can borrow the item for free up to a week - if they want to renew it, they pay for it and you keep the money. S2 covers insurance, no questions asked, up to $100 per item for any loss, damage etc. Insurance is sponsored by www.neighborrow.com If you are donating, we will catalog your items on the spot and set you up with an account on www.webthriftstore.com. If you want to borrow something... that's great too:) there is some great stuff (https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151975288790497.887863.28392350496&type=3) available from last time...

  • The Price and Value of Free



    Not unrelated to Meetup no-shows, but not completely dictated by it either, let's discuss the value of free and how sharing startups should be pricing their models. Even when forming s2 there were discussions about non-profits, B corps, and "is it ok if we are for profit"? Founders may feel guilty charging for things and that can have unintended psychological effects beyond what it does for the business model... (attendance, perception of value - not to mention what it does on the supply side in terms of value delivered). This is our first paid meetup - putting your money where our mouths are, let's see how the experiment goes and what we may have left on the table with free events... We have a special guest lined up and are going to cap this event strictly at 40 people. Or just watch the video below, for, er -- free:) As usual- the topic of the Meetup is just an excuse for people in the all important space we share, to get together and help each other out. We will spend less than half the time on the topic of free and the remainder networking, helping, and featuring up to five sharing startups that are solving important problems. There will be some talk of Lean as well:)