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Are you looking to make a short film….maybe on the cheap….or wanting to act in one? This group is for people that would like to get together and trade services, ideas, or their time, with fellow filmmakers and film people. Meeting face to face is a great way to make connections and get to know other film people. If you’re looking to make a film but you’re not sure how to do everything, or you’ve got some audio/video or other skills and want to gain experience working on films, or you want to act in a film, this may be a good group for you. We’re all about networking and learning from one another, keeping our costs down, and helping each other put our film projects together.

These projects can be as small as a clip you want to put on Youtube, or as big as a short film you’re looking to submit to a festival. We’re open to both the skilled and unskilled producers, screen writers, lighting & sound people, editors, actors, media marketers, etc.

We'll also host informal talks on various subjects of film whenever members want to share their knowledge on an aspect of the film making world.

There are no fees or dues for any of our meetings. Come join us as we get together to network and help turn our film ideas into reality.

Sorry, but the group is not open to collaborating on adult film projects.

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