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Group revamp:

Are people still interested in the original format of this group, or are they looking for a change of direction?

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Original Description:

Collaborative Dublin is a group for people with projects that they want to finish. Whether a lingering side project or starting a new venture, join us for 2 hours every other week and get some work done toward your goal. Socialize, learn, and work towards your goals.

Meeting structure:

Working meetings — Two hour sessions to dedicate to your project every other week. Buy some food, maybe a drink, and work. Socializing is welcome, but the main goal of this meeting is to work.

Progress report meetings — Taking place around every 4th meeting, this is where everyone can present what they’ve been working on, share next steps, and find accountability in community.

It’s expected that you’ll bring what you need to work on your project, and that you’ll have something to work on during work meetings. While collaborating on projects is fun and encouraged it’s expected that you’ll be able to work on your own project.

Past events (5)

Side Project Coworking Session

The Library Bar

Side Project Coworking Session

The Library Bar

Project Planning Session

Morgan the Agency

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