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In the age of Aquarius as Ascension is at full force, let us come together to combine our energies to spread love in the world and transform together. This group is for anyone awakened, preparing to or in the process of ascension, and aims to utilise the synergy that occurs when we combine our energies, to help our planet, honour the divine source, and promote mind over matter. Whether you feel like you are from somewhere else, struggle fitting into society, have a burning desire to help the world, or feel you can't speak out for fear of criticism from the 3rd dimensional unawakened... this group may be just what you need. This group aims to unite people with other like souls so that this exciting journey of transformation need not be done alone. It seeks to provide a place of open discussion about topics like psychic abilities, the cosmic universe, quantum laws, the truth about ancient civilisations and extraterrestrial life in the universe, that society has trained us to ridicule. For the time will come when our illusion is broken, and we will be ready with excited, open arms. This group welcomes all walks of life, so before signing up, please read the page 'About Collective Consciousness', to ensure you are happy to fit in with the philosophy of Collective Consciousness that fosters love and harmony, and is grounded on unity and the fact that we are all one.

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