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Collective Strength
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Do you want to speak up at work—but fear you’ll be labeled as “difficult” (or worse) if you actually do it?

Does being “the only” (the only woman, the only Black person, the only trans person) put you under extra pressure to be “perfect”?

Do you dream of being more visible in your field, but talk yourself out of pursuing big ideas and taking bold stances?

Yeah. We’ve been there, too. And no matter how many “bring your whole self to work” Instagram posts we read, we didn’t feel any more confident standing out. Until we realized: the problem isn’t us!

We live in a culture where being our whole selves is risky. We’re told that our hair is unprofessional, our bodies are distracting, our voices are too quiet, our lipstick is too loud. Or we’re told that we should stop wearing t-shirts, stop speaking up so much in meetings, stop being so abrasive. It’s enough to make your head spin.

In fact, that’s exactly what the racist, sexist status quo wants. Because the more you spin, the less energy you have to fight back against patriarchy and white supremacy. The less energy you have to bring your own ideas to life. The less energy you have for you. You stay exhausted, numb, and just barely hanging on.

Breaking out of that system feels risky—but is it really any riskier than staying stuck and burning out? After all, when you stop playing small, a whole new world just might open up. You’ll speak with a voice that draws people in and influences how they see the world. You’ll stop shutting down your best ideas, and start letting them blossom instead.

You’ll say no to bullshit, yes to joy, and buh-bye to the people who want to hold you back.

You’ll even be better able to show up for others, elevate their voices, and shift power dynamics for everyone.

Join leadership coaches Andrea Nwoke and Sara Wachter-Boettcher for an interactive session all about unpacking the stories we’ve learned about how we’re supposed to be at work, exploring what those stories have kept us from, and learning how to trade them for something more powerful instead. We’ll also get real about the risks of speaking up and finding your voice when you’re a member of a marginalized group—and how to find the courage to do it anyway, where and when it matters to you.

You’ll leave with:
- A better understanding of the cultural forces conspiring to keep you small, and how to fight them
- More confidence letting your true self show, and less anxiety about taking up space
- Next steps to help you move forward in bigger, badder, bolder ways


In this 90-minute, interactive session over Zoom, you’ll:
- Listen in as Andrea and Sara open up about their own experiences, and the insights they’ve learned along the way
- Participate in activities that help you unpack the stories that are keeping you small, find your most powerful voice, and build the confidence to use it
- Have the chance to volunteer for a coaching hotseat—so you can get 1:1 help working through your challenge from Sara or Andrea
- Share your reflections and challenges with your peers, and learn from others’ insights
- Decide how you’ll move forward, and make a concrete commitment to action


ANDREA NWOKE is an empowerment and leadership coach and the founder of Full Voice, a coaching practice that helps people give voice to their dreams. She combines corporate expertise working with C-suite executives with a world-class classical singing background to help her clients show up with presence and unlock their career potential.

SARA WACHTER-BOETTCHER is a leadership coach, author, and keynote speaker dedicated to changing design and tech for good. She’s the founder of Active Voice, a company that helps people step into their power, speak up for justice, and build more courageous leadership practices in their organizations.