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The Universal Law of Attraction states that we receive whatever we give our attention energy and focus to. Check the results you’ve been getting in all areas of your life; your relationships, your financial situation, your career, your home, recreation and fun. You “think” you’ve been doing everything right, then why haven’t your desires been manifested? What is holding you back? What is it that is blocking your path to your success?

What if I told you that you hold the answers? You know what you need to do to breakthrough to deliberately attract that which you truly desire. The tools and techniques that I will teach you can be used for all areas of your life. Once you have a clear picture of what you really choose, and give attention, energy and focus to it without doubt, you will see evidence showing up immediately to move you in the right direction.

The purpose of this group is to join together on a weekly basis with like minded individuals who are willing to commit to the process for the four weeks with daily practice to shift their energy to a positive, abundant wealth consciousness so that we will all benefit.

My promise to you is to commit my time, knowledge and positive energy to facilitate these weekly classes to gain wealth in all areas of our lives. For ease of teaching, our focus will be to increase financial prosperity for all. As stated earlier, the tools and techniques can be used in all areas where an increase of positive abundance is desired.

We are going on this path together and we all need to trust each other to mind our own energies and to be 100% vested in the process. Collectively we will then benefit from this class and as a whole lift each other up to the benefit of all. This truly is a test of the weakest link, we will only be as strong as our weakest link.

Although we are all responsible for what we bring into our individual lives, we also hold a responsibility for what we bring to a group be it as a member of society, a family, a group of friends, colleagues or other formation, we need to mind our vibes!

Join me for an four week course where you will learn:

 How to use the Universal Law of Attraction Deliberately

 Why the limiting beliefs you have may be blocking your path to success and how to clear them

 What role our emotions play

 The power of our subconscious mind

 The power of Gratitude; The importance of giving

 Guided meditations, visualization, tapping, and journaling

 Tools to manifest

4 week investment: $100. Includes binder and weekly workbook pages


You are welcomed and encouraged to join me each day for 21 days in a row for a 10 to 15 minute conference call where I will review our last class, install positive thoughts and remind you all to lock in positive vibes to assist you in your manifestation goals. Collectively we will keep each other accountable and on track. These calls are FREE. You will get a private number at the first class.

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