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Rajasthan Road Trip & Stay In Havelis
"RAJASTHAN" Is your love for history and some glorified past too deep? Have you ever imagined yourself standing amidst the desert in the middle of the night and looking high up in the sky at those glittering stars that send some out-of-the-world cosmic vibration down your spine? Have you really wondered what if you could have a great team to accompany you in your journey along the rustic rugged trails covering those tiny hamlets and colorful cities towards those enormous palatial destinations? Rajsthan is ‘The Place’ then! Steeped in history and legends, it is that perfect paradise for all those who time-to-time plunge into popular tales and folklores glorifying the Rajputana and their outstanding bravery, in standing erect against the foreign invaders. Get Set and Go with TravelBuddiesTalk Team and explore the magnificent Rajsthani terrains in all their glories and hues with some of the nicest team members ever!! Itinerary: Day 1. : Delhi Day 2. :Bundi Day 3. :Chittorgarh & Kumbhalgarh Day 4. :Narlai-Barmer Day 5. : Barmer-Jaisalmer Day 6. :Longewal Day 7. :Pokhran-Bikaner Day 8. :Mahanser-Mandawa Day 9. : Mandawa -Delhi Airport Day 1: Delhi Airport to Bundi The ornate palaces, cave paintings, forts will take you back in time. The Sisodia Rajputs of Mewar ruled Bundi for a significant period and the presence of hundreds of temples renders Bundi the name ‘Chhota Kashi’. So, fill yourself with Bundi on your very first day! As soon as you all get into the Traveller straight from Delhi Airport, your journey starts towards Bundi. On reaching this heritage town, discover the end number of stepwell water reservoirs, the only source of water supply for the entire town of Bundi. Known as the City of Stepwells, Bundi is said to have around fifty kunds, tanks and stepwells within it's environs - perhaps this is true but exactly where so many of them are situated is problematical. The well-known kunds are easy enough to find since they are sign-posted but from walking around quite a bit of Bundi we only came across a couple of the rest of the "50" - maybe the kunds up at Taragarh Fort are included in that number. In much earlier times the Baoris were used as centres of religious ceremonies and social functions and were therefore sometimes constructed with beautiful carved terraces, well designed flights of steps and often had excellent carvings of elephants and other such sculptures. Day 2 : Bundi to Chittorgarh 190 km from Bundi, Chittorgarh is the second leg of your road trip the next day. As you step ino the fort and peep into the talav, by the side of which the then Delhi Sultan Alauddin Khalji stationed himself to take glimpses of the unearthly beauty of Rani Padmini in the talav water; you immerse yourself completely in the history of this great bastion of the Rajput clan that has remained immortal in its folklores and in performing stately rituals for its women who performed ‘Jauhar’ to safeguard their self-respect led by Rani Padmini herself. This great fortress, on a steep hill and fortified from all sides,proudly showcases the valour of the Rajputana. As you hit the Krishna Temple inside the premises of the fortress, you can still feel the bhajanas filling the air sung by Meera bai, the greatest devotee of Lord Krishna and the most iconic person who took lead of the great Bhakti movement, one of the most powerful social movements in Northern India! The Kirti Stambha and the Vijay Stambha (Victory Monument) still uphold the glory and prowess of Rajputana against the Muslim invaders. Get into the museum, see history scattered everywhere and feel the essence of Chittorgarh seeping into your self even more! Day 3: Chittorgarh to Kumbhalgarh Built in 1443 A.D., the massive citadel of Kumbhalgarh is not just one magnificent historical relic in itself, but is considered one of the most prominent World Heritage Sites. On the third leg of your road trip, you will explore Kumbhalgarh with its world famous Mewar Fortress, just 156 km away from Chittorgarh. As you trek up the Kumbhalgarh fortress, simply enjoy the wonderful scenic view around. The wildlife sanctuary is yet another attraction of this heritage city. How beautiful do you think a structure would be, if its name meant “Mansion in the Clouds”? Because that’s what this one is. It has both architectural and natural merit in terms of beauty and aestheticism. Badal Mahal is a portion of the fort body main and has views from the hill top in the metaphorical tending to literal clouds which provides a vista of mountains and city life and inclusive of every other thing in a very wide range, by virtue of its height. Its two sections are Zanana for women and Mardana, the literal word for the masculine, for the menfolk, respectively. Day 4 Kumbhalgarh – Narlai – Barmer 281 km away from Kumbhalgarh, you will reach Barmer on the fourth leg of your road trip crossing the small hamlet Narlai en route . Barmer Garh, the enchanting fortress is situated on top of the hill, standing where you can get a breathtaking view around. This fort is surrounded by temple on all sides. This Hill of Barmer Fort has two important religious places; Top of the hill is temple of JOGMAYA devi (Garh Mandir) which is situated at height of 1383 & at Height of 500 feet there is Nagnechi Mata temple, Both temples are very famous and have fair during Navratra festivals. Rest area is residence of former royal family of Barmer. Barmer is traditionally famous for its wood carvings, pottery, embroidery works and ajark prints. Once a camel trade route, the cattle fair is very famous in this region. In this trip, you will also be experiencing Mahabar sand dunes, which gives you great insight into the everyday living and culture of various desert tribes. Day 5 Barmer to Jaisalmer The fifth day of your road trip will take you 139 km away from Barmer, to the marvellous sand castles of Jaisalmer. Jaisalmer is about as far west as most people get in India. Jaisalmer is a former medieval trading center and a princely state in the western Indian state of Rajasthan, in the heart of the Thar Desert.It’s incredibly dry, hot and isolated. So what is it that brings people to a city a stone’s throw away from the Pakistan border? The ‘ Golden City’ as it has come to be known is a majestic place. A huge fort sits atop a hill in the center of the city, overlooking the sun-kissed houses. Sand dunes not far from the city are a tourist hotspot for camel safaris and jeep tours. There are so many great little spots I discovered and awesome things to do in Jaisalmer, the ‘Golden City’ of India. Jain Temple Inside the Jaisalmer Fort is the Jain Temple. There are many throughout India but I’ve only been inside the Jaisalmer Temple. What I can tell you is that if they are all as spectacularly detailed and intricate as the Jaisalmer Jain Temple, you should visit the one closest to you. The minute details inside the multi-roomed, multi-level temple are phenomenal. I studied one wall for what seemed like an eternity unable to fathom the person chipping away carving such an awesome piece of work. Hundreds of Buddhas sit throughout the temple. It is a little hidden away but is near the main parking lot and there are multiple signs and helpful shopkeepers to point you in the right direction. The Jaisalmer Fort is a bit of a maze but sometimes it’s nice to get lost anyway. Day 6 Jaisalmer – Longewala Sonar Quila or the Golden Fortress is the most prominent heritage architecture in Jaisalmer that seems to have risen from the sands itself! After you are done with your mesmerising trip to the Golden fortress, go around and see the Longewala War Memorial. Then go on a quiet trail to the abandoned village of Kuldhara. Once a very prosperous village, Kuldhara now lies abandoned and is counted among one of the most haunted sites in entire Rajsthan. As popular saying goes, the reason for abndonment was severe water scarcity; whereas, according to some it was due to an earthquake! The day in Jaisalmer comes to a perfect end with an exquisite visit to the Sam Sand Dunes. The desert camping at night will fill you with full-on desert ecstasies accompanied with wonderful traditional music performance and food. So, your fifth and sixth day well spent!! Day 7 Jaisalmer – Pokhran – Bikaner The seventh day of road trip brings you to Bikaner, approximately 331 km away from the ‘Golden City’ of Jaisalmer. On the way, you will come across Pokhran where India carried out its first ever nuclear explosion. You will be stunned at the beauty of Junagarh Fort that is not just another world heritage site, but truly an architectural marvel. After catching the splendid glimpses of this fort, move on to explore the noted camel research centre and enjoy the wonderful camel dance! Wrap your day with scrumptious Rajsthani meals in the heritage city of Bikaner. Day 8 Bikaner – Mahanser – Mandawa Your eighth day road trip will take you to Mandawa, approximately 188 km from Bikaner. On the way you will be crossing Mahanser as well. A trading outpost for the ancient Caravan routes and dotted with wonderfully crafted Havelis, Mandawa was largelly inhabited by the Shekhawat Rajputs. To protect this important trade outpost, one marvellous fort was crafted in 1755 and gradually this place became a hub for the traders. Mahansar is a small town or more of a village in Jhunjhunu district of Rajasthan nit far from Churu. Located in the middle of Shekhawati region of Rajasthan, Mahansar is famous for its rich cultural history and heritage. The main attraction of the town is the Haveli known as Sone-Chandi ki Dukan. This mansion has intricate painitngs done with gold leafs. The painitngs depict different scenes fro like of Krishna, story of Ramayna and Lord Vishnu. After visiting that magnificent castle, wrap your day with some brilliant puppet dance, a folk tradition solely crafted and patronised by the state of Rajsthan! Day 9 Mandawa to Delhi Airport As you reach Delhi Airport on the last day after covering almost 256 km, do you really feel that this wonderful road trip has come to an end? Of course not! Sun, sands, palaces, havelis, tiny hamlets strewn with colour, the clear blue night sky at the deserts studded with millions of stars the 9-Day Rajsthan Road Trip with TBT gets forever etched in your heart! Destination Next? Package Q: Why our price is more then other groups? Ans: We do not compromise on the quality of Hotels/Vehicle/Food and that is why we always share the names of the hotels you will be staying so that you can go and check their reviews before booking. We provide 2 meals (local dishes for amazing experience ) so that you don't spend extra money on food. We also ensures you don't spend any extra money on entry of any place so that you can save cost and yes we always travel with professional photographers so that you get amazing memories. Cost : 26999 Rupee p.p Inclusions Travel in Private vehicle (Delhi Airport to Delhi Airport) Stay for 10D/9N in double occupancy Breakfast & Dinner (Delicious veg/non veg local cuisines) Camping for 1 Night (All meals included) Route Planning, fuel & toll tax Activities Local Guidance Admin for special instructions Exclusions flight fare Insurance Charges occurred due to unforeseen circumstances (Additional Accommodation charges due to delay in journey) Any medical expense during the journey Any personal orders at hotel other then mentioned food Entry charges in any of the monument Camera handling charges Who we are ? Travel Buddies is a solo traveler's community with a concept of travelling with strangers and come back with friends. We started 3 years ago as a meetup group and grew continuously, currently we have 17000 members on FB group and 10000+ members on our multiple meetup groups and website members. Why this trip? After doing trips like Northern lights in Sweden & 2000 KM road trip in Iceland we were looking for a unique experience for our members so that is why we are going for this trip. Refer our T & C section before signing up for any trip. Q.Pictures from our last trips. Link : Click me ( Contact Us Email: [masked] Contact : Call/Whatsapp :[masked] Team Travel Buddies Talk


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