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Are you preparing to send your children to college or graduate school? Are you concerned about the skyrocketing costs and are looking for ways to save money? Join College Financial Prep today to learn about money saving strategies, financial aid and scholarships and finding the college with the right academic, social and financial fit for your family!

Join us for workshops, webinars, and multi session courses for both adults and children! (Individual appointments are also welcome!)

We will discuss:

• FAFSA, TAP and CSS Profile

• Creating a strategic list of colleges to apply to

• Merit and Need based scholarships

• Special circumstances such as divorce, widowed, unemployed or large medical expenses

• Evaluating multiple financial aid awad packages

• Writing appeal letters

• Student Loans

Additionally, College Financial Prep supports and offers all functions and activities that provide further opportunity for cost savings during the high school and college years. This includes referrals to our College Advisors, Academic Success Coaches and ACT/SAT, GRE/GMAT, LSAT/MCAT Test Prep Tutors.

All personal information is kept strictly confidential by College Financial Prep.

If you should need anything additional, please let me know. My phone/text is 516-225-5224.

I look forward to seeing you and sharing in your family's success!


Vicki Vollweiler, MBA, CDC

College Financial Aid Specialist


Call: 516-225-5224




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Guiding you through the maze of college financial aid...

FAFSA, TAP and CSS Profile may all be completed free of charge without professional assistance.

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