What we're about

I'm a youngish Ph.D. in literature with a pretty solid background in the sciences, and I know there must be other college-educated, professional women out there who just want to hangout and have good conversations. I'm hoping to discuss academic philosophy (not spirituality, or mindfulness, or self-help), interesting films (not superhero movies, romcoms, formulaic plots), real literature (like Joyce and Woolf), art/architecture, pop culture, scientific articles, etc. I'd be open to planning meetups at the craft breweries, Tampa Theater, nearby museums, or wherever.

No offense to millennials, but I'm gearing this toward the 30-45 year old set, so that we have something generationally in common with each other. If you are 25 and feel like you have much more in common with say, Drew Barrymore or Winona Ryder than Kim Kardashian, then that works for me.

Open and welcoming to all backgrounds, orientations, and races/ethnicities. I myself am half-Sicilian and half-Latin-American.

Basically, it would be great to get a group of smart women together who are easygoing, reliable, stable, and generally low-maintenance to talk about interesting, objective, academic matters.