What we're about

Welcome witches, new and practiced. This group is for individuals seeking fellowship along the path of spirituality as it relates to witchcraft. We are not specifically associated with any facet or group. We are not Wiccan, traditional, Druid, etc. We ARE curious, open-minded, and willing to learn from and with each other as we discuss books, Magic, science, politics (yes, this will sometimes arise!), the moon, and anything else we want to include. We will drink all the tea (and coffee) and pull all the tarot cards.

We will not tolerate hatred or prejudice of any kind. All are welcome here. This is a safe space. If someone violates the trust of this group, and refuses to recant, apologize, and learn from it, they will be asked to leave.

We will start hosting meetings in the virtual realm, then work into monthly or weekly gatherings based on interest.

Past events (2)

Litha Celebration 2021

Needs a location

Ostara 2021

Needs a location

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