Past Meetup

Celebrate the End of Cannabis Prohibition: WED-SAT 6 till Midnight


Welcome to Studio A64

Studio A64 LLC is an upscale private cannabis social club offering live music, poetry, karaoke, and politics. We are currently working on a reality TV series with Hollywood, End of Prohibition TV and Radio, a referendum to overturn the local city council's decision (5-4) to opt-out of RMJ, the "Studio A64 Live Album", and all the time making music, art and living in the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness.

Studio A64 is a full music, art, video and multi-media production studio. Available to members only. Join today.
We offer live music, dance nights, dj nights, smoking gifts, supplies, vaporizers, hemp wear, events, radio, open mic nights, industry nights, education, studio recording, videography, live music, DJ's and more. Express yourself at Studio A64 gift shop and lounge. You must be (or become) a member to enter.
Studio A64 LLC is located in the heart of downtown Colorado Springs above the Triple Nickel Bar and Grill.

You must be 21 or older to enter and agree to local membership rules and regulations. Must be 21 or older to qualify for membership options.

Studio A64 LLC reserves the right to deny entry to anyone.

Studio A64 LLC does NOT allow ANY alcohol to be on-site or consumed on premises.

Studio A64 LLC reserves the right to revoke or suspend membership at anytime based on conduct or circumstances.

Be kind. It goes a long way in America.