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Colorado Springs Monthly Crowdfunding Meetup
What Crowdfunding is All About: "Give us your tired, your cash poor, your visionary entrepreneurs yearning to startup, Those rejected by vc's, angels and the banks. Send these, the cashless, tempest-tost by validation processes gone awry, to us, as we lift the lamp of funding besides crowdfunding's golden door!" Crowdfunding is all about democratizing the manner in which capital is raised for business startups and for commercial and other business ventures. Thus, it's fitting for us at Colorado Crowdfunding (which is both Colorado's oldest crowdfunding meetup group and the third largest crowdfunding meetup group in the U.S.), to harken back to our national symbol of freedom and democracy, The Statue of Liberty (which itself was erected due to the efforts and donations of early crowdfunders) for inspiration. Something very, very profound is happening worldwide and the wiser vested interests of the past are beginning to realize that they need to get aboard the train before it leaves the station. Join us to see what you can do with Crowdfunding! We begin gathering around 5:30 p.m., but the formal meeting doesn't begin until 5:30 and goes to 7:30. We cover all the issues related to creating a successful crowdfunding campaign.

Village Inn Restaurant, Colorado Springs

1430 Harrison Rd · Colorado Springs, CO

What we're about

This group is dedicated to exploring all those aspects of crowdfunding that pertain to the financing and acquisition of commercial real estate utilizing crowdfunding and crowdsourcing as part of the process.

Between September 23rd of 2013 and September 22nd of 2014, there were over $118 billion worth of offerings made under the new "accredited investor crowdfunding provisions" (Title II) of the JOBS Act. And, it now appears that a substantial portion of these offerings involved offers to invest in real estate. In addition, with the advent of Regulation A+, where even non-accredited investors can finally become players in the commercial real estate space, we feel that this "pot" of money will only grow larger. As time goes on, we believe that Real Estate Crowdfunding may, in fact, become the "800 lb. Gorilla" in the crowdfunding world.

Unlike our other meetup sessions, this particular section of Colorado Crowfunding will rotate it's meeting site, holding the meeting in one month during the evening at a location still to be determined in Southwest Denver and in the following month holding the meeting in the early afternoon (starting time: 1:00) at Fiocchi's Restaurant in Southeast Denver (the DTC area). This is as a result of the significant interest shown by both "day meeting attenders" as well as "evening meeting attenders" in having their preference be honored.

For all of you out there who have either been hungry to raise capital for a favored real estate project, or are investors, whether accredited or non-accredited, who are interested in learning more about the opportunities that Real Estate Crowdfunding provides, this is the meeting for you.

Your moderators for that evening (and in the future) will be Lucas Marquardt, Miro Kovacevic and Rennae Beilke.

Looking forward to seeing you there.


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