Investment-Based Crowdfunding For Businesses

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Have you heard about "equity crowdfunding" from a friend or a newspaper article? Are debt-based or revenue-sharing models of crowdfunding something that intrigues you? Are you beginning to wonder what all the hubbub is about?

Come to our "Investment-Based Crowdfunding for Business" meetups and learn what this brave new world of investment-based crowdfunding is all about. Explore with us the newly-emerging crowdfunding avenues for raising investment capital. Find out about the differences between "accredited" and "unaccredited / non-accredited" investing. Come and learn all you can about the new federal and state-level crowdfunding initiatives, including intrastate crowdfunding (generally limited to $1 million or, with audited financials, $2 million), a form of limited registration in Colorado where you can raise up to $5 million, the new Regulation A+ "mini-IPO" that's now available to raise as much as $50 million in one fell swoop or even the new the accredited investor crowdfunding under the new SEC Rule 506(c), where the sky's the limit .

Looking forward to seeing all of you, both newbie and "old-pro" business owners alike, at our monthly investment-based meetups.

Ray Burrasca, Founder & Organizer

Colorado Crowdfunding