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R.P. B.

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Denver, CO

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Apr 20, 2012


Managing Director of Windom Peaks Capital, LLC, a small, Denver-based, investment banking boutique.

Why, in particular, are your interested in crowdfunding?

My interest began when I read about the crowdfunding legislation working its way through Congress.

Are you looking for money or for an investment, or are you just curious?

Want to develop an expertise in all aspects of crowdfunding and crowdsourcing . . . am fascinated by the possibility that, through crowdfunding, some of the traditional sources of financing will become less important.

How familiar are you with the subject of crowdfunding in general? Have you been the beneficiary of a crowdfunding effort in the past?

Just started to become familiar with it around the time of the final passage of the crowdfunding bill in Congress and just prior to its signing by Obama.