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Volunteer a Day To Help and/or Donate Items for the Homeless

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Here is an opportunity to volunteer your time and/or donate items to help the homeless population in Denver and give back to the community. We are all fortunate in various ways and helping out with those that have for any number of reasons fallen on hard times is something we can all do. And we should feel compelled to do it more than just at the holidays.

The previous two events that we have done we helped feed over 100 people downtown. They have been huge successes and the folks are so thankful and gracious for the help they receive.

Over the past few months, a friend of mine started this effort to go down and hand out food, clothing, and toiletries (packaged based on gender). We gather in the morning to sort out all of the donations, create lunch bags with all of the food that is donated, and create the toiletries packages then go down to downtown and hand them out to those that are living on the streets of Denver.

Every month Kelli comes up with a theme and a donation list. You do not have to stay the whole day. If you can that is great! If you can commit two hours, that is great. If you can just donate then that is great too. You can check the Facebook page listed below for updates to the donation list as people begin posting their donations. For obvious reasons, this is a bit more on the Valentines themed side.

Here is the donation list that has been compiled for February:
* 100+ Valentine’s Day post cards
* Candy bags or plastic baggies
* Ribbon to tie the bags
* Cookies-of the heart shaped variety
* Chocolate candies
* Suckers
* Conversation heart candies

***This is a list of the continued items we will need for each and every support get together. ****

*Bottled water
*Thick blankets/comforters
*Plastic shopping bags
*Sleeping bags
*Toilet paper
*Toothpaste (travel size)
*Deodorant (travel size)
*Body wipes (travel size)
*Feminine pads/tampons
*Hand warmers
*Bus passes

Here is the Facebook page that she has created for the event with more information and how to donate items to her directly (or you can go through me if you need or want). If you just want to donate a few dollars then Kelli purchases items that are needed were donations might have fallen short.

Although she currently holds this event at her home - if it gets large enough it might have to be moved. She sends out the address based on the "GOING" list on the Facebook page.

This is a great community event and I hope you can join and give a little of your time for a great cause.

If you have any questions or concerns you can reach out to me or you can reach out to Kelli through the Facebook event page. [masked]