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Walden north sand hills GPS: N 40 52.770, W 106 13.012, Cowdrey, CO (map)

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Labor Day Weekend FUN!!!!!!!!!!

Come and play in the sand!!!!

There will be some trail riding!!!

Lets watch all the crazy people in the sand!!!

Night Riding!!!

BBQ: We will provide BBQ Chicken. Please bring a side dish to share and let us know what you will be bringing so we do not end up with 2 or 3 of the same side dish.

Contact: Chad New or 7202751945/ Jennifer New 7204255240

We will be in a White Dodge 2500 Truck hooked up with 3 ATV's and 1 50 cc motorcycle Echo Trailer


There are two different ways to get to the Sand Hills north of Walden, from Denver:

No. 1

Take I-70 west from Denver to the Berthoud Pass, US-40 exit (232). Follow US-40 through Winter Park and Granby. Two miles past the Grand Lake exit in Granby, turn right on CO-125 to Walden. 10 miles past Walden, through the town of Cowdrey, you turn right on County Road 6E. There is a sign that says Public Land Access N. Sand Hills. There may be an old green horse trailer parked there. If you miss the road you will come to the hwy 125 & 127 junction, you have gone too far, you need to go back. Follow 6E, which is a dirt road, 3.5 miles and go right on road #2509 which goes to N. Sand Hills. Follow CQR signs to campsite.

No. 2

Go north on I-25 to Ft. Collins. Go west on hwy 14 into town. Turn right on hwy 287 until hwy 14 goes to the left and up the Poudre Canyon and over Cameron Pass to Walden. When you get to Walden turn right on hwy 125 and follow the directions from above to the Sand Hills. This route may not be easy for large RVs due to many curves.

Most of the trip is easy to moderate riding. Don’t worry about getting around in the dunes – utility ATVs have no problems, and sports do really well. Watch out for other vehicles at dune crests, and stay away from the deeper ravines to the east unless you are confident you can get out! Also, be careful riding off-camber, and watch for drop-offs.

If you are planning to stay at the Sand Hills it is a dry camping site. There are hotels in the town of Walden only about 12 miles away. You can fill your RV with water and dump your holding tanks (donation suggested for dump) in the town of Walden. If you are going north on hwy 125, take a right turn on 4th, go east a few blocks and take a left to the ball field, and there you will see were you get water and dump your tanks. There is only one station to dump so you have to wait at times.

• Don’t forget to investigate Habitat Sticker requirements for your rides.
o Colorado State Habitat links:

o Wyoming State Habitat link:
o Utah Registration:
o Utah ATV info:

• Grades of less than 10%
• Relatively smooth surface
• Most rocks less than 8” in diameter
• Stream crossings, if any, are typically less than 12 inches deep
** Easiest: Limited skill with little challenge to travel.
• Short pitches of grades up to 30%
• Grades generally 10-15%
• Surface relatively rough
• Most rocks are less than 15” in diameter
• Stream crossings, if any, are typically less than 18” deep
** Moderately Difficult: Some skills and challenge to travel
• Pitches of greater than 30% grade
• Grades are generally above 15%
• Surface will be rough
• Boulder negotiations of over 15” in diameter
• Stream crossings, if any, are typically greater than 18” deep
** Difficult: Significantly experienced skills and challenges to travel
Disclaimer: The rider assumes all responsibility to ride within their own capabilities on any of these trail rides. The trail rating guide system takes into consideration “typical” trail width of the ride, the steepness and the trail surface composition. These ratings are ONLY intended to be guides to make trail use easier and safer and to encourage you to assess your own capabilities before venturing out on any trail. Trail ratings are used to indicate the expertise needed to drive the trail under normal conditions but these conditions are subject to rapid change in Colorado (i.e.- weather, boulders, etc).