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Breck: 7/17 - 7/21 Annual Camping/ATV Riding Weekend

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BEGINNERS/NOVICE RIDERS… PLEASE NOTE: The bulk of the terrain in this riding area is NOT for the slower/novice riders… however, there is "some" available to explore. It is highly likely that we will only have Intermediate/Advanced ride Leaders for this event so the Novice Riders might be on your own during the day. I am certainly wiling to gather you all together and suggest some of the easier trails to explore. As always, we never recommend riding alone! We'd still love to have you join the event and the evening socials if you don't mind exploring the easier trails without a formal Leader. Feel free to contact me with questions!


This will be a casual event with rides determined through-out the event as "majority rules". Feel free to come for any portion as your schedule allows and don’t feel like you HAVE to camp, some will stay in nearby accommodations and some are only coming up for a day.

CONTACT INFO: Donna B E-mail:

** Once I’m in the mountains, you’ll have to try me on my radio (Ch 4)

DIRECTIONS from Hwy 9: Approximately 1 mile north of the "Round-About" on the north edge of Breckenridge is a stop light for TIGER ROAD (NOT Tiger Run)...

1) Turn EAST on Tiger ROAD (aka Co Rd 6)

2) Follow Tiger Road, past the golf course... it will turn to dirt.

3) Start watching for CQR Signs. Approx 3 miles onto the dirt road, you will be making a LEFT turn on CR 354. That corner only has a "Narrow Bridge" and "Speed Limit 5" sign, just BEFORE you cross a bridge. Take CR 354 about 1 mile, you should see a big CQR Banner (likely on the side of an ATV trailer).

4) Pick your own camp spot anywhere near enough to socialize as you wish.

5) If you have RADIOS... we will use Channel 4, feel free to call anyone from CQR for directions once you get close!

GPS COORDINATES for the Camp Site:

39 deg 30'58.52" N

105 deg 56'15.69" W

elevation 9950

RIDE TIME(S): Plan to start rides, each day about 9:30 - 9:45am START (geared up and ready to ride) times. I will not place ride details on this site as this is "Majority Rules" event, depending on who actually shows up each day.

EACH NIGHT: Group Socials -- I'm thinking about 8:00pm (after dinner) until ??? so bring your lawn chairs!!!

BRING: Any/all camping and riding gear, helmets required. It would be good to double check the “ATV Trail Gear List”!

SATURDAY NIGHT: We host a "Pot Luck" dinner, paying CQR members will enjoy meats provided by the CQR Club and please bring a side dish to share and your own drinks! If you are a non-Club guest...we ask you to donate $5 each toward the meat.

MAPS: National Geographic’s – Trails Illustrated #104 and #108

MVUMs: The MVUM for the camping and immediate riding area, including Golden Horseshoe and Montezuma, is White River National Forest - Dillon Ranger District (reports are that we cannot get to Montezuma because of a washed out road). As you go over Georgia Pass, it drops into Pike National Forest - South Park Ranger District - West. If we could get over Webster Pass (reports are that we cannot because of a large snow drift), the MVUM for Handcart Gulch and Red Cone is Pike National Forest - South Platte Ranger District - West.

DIFFICULTY: There are many trails in the area and they cover all categories (Easy, Moderate, Difficult) although most provide feedback that they consider it a more technical/rocky area. With the popularity growth of this event, we have been splitting up the groups and riding difficulty levels, as needed. We are now gaining more families with children so BRING everyone and we'll split up and ALL have fun!!!

For the more seasoned/advanced riders: Be prepared to ride 4-6 hours, but speed/difficulty will be “majority rules”.


• Camping is in a DRY area with no facilities, bring ALL your gear!

• Motels/Hotels: Breckenridge or Frisco are closest • Gas: Breck or Frisco

Trail Difficulty Ratings


Ø Grades of less than 10%

Ø Relatively smooth surface

Ø Most rocks less than 8” in diameter

Ø Stream crossings, if any, are typically less than 12 inches deep

** Easiest: Limited skill with little challenge to travel.


Ø Short pitches of grades up to 30%

Ø Grades generally 10-15%

Ø Surface relatively rough

Ø Most rocks are less than 15” in diameter

Ø Stream crossings, if any, are typically less than 18” deep

** Moderately Difficult: Some skills and challenge to travel


Ø Pitches of greater than 30% grade

Ø Grades are generally above 15%

Ø Surface will be rough

Ø Boulder negotiations of over 15” in diameter

Ø Stream crossings, if any, are typically greater than 18” deep

** Difficult: Significantly experienced skills and challenges to travel

Disclaimer: The rider assumes all responsibility to ride within their own capabilities on any of these trail rides. The trail rating guide system takes into consideration “typical” trail width of the ride, the steepness and the trail surface composition. These ratings are ONLY intended to be guides to make trail use easier and safer and to encourage you to assess your own capabilities before venturing out on any trail. Trail ratings are used to indicate the expertise needed to drive the trail under normal conditions but these conditions are subject to rapid change in Colorado (ie- weather, boulders, etc).


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