What we're about

Master Gardener Shakespeare includes hundreds of plants in his plays. Over twenty years ago we founded the Colorado Shakespeare Gardens to explore what he knew. We are an opportunity to deepen your knowledge, get your hands in the earth, create beauty, and laugh a lot while doing it.

Our website with pictures: www.coloradoshakespearegardens.org

Learning and Activities: Each year we gather once a month on Sundays during the winter to review the plays being presented the next summer, study the plants that Shakespeare included in each play, and choose the plants and the quotes that we want to emphasize this year. Once the soil and weather permit, we begin to prepare the beds, meeting on Saturday mornings from ten to noon. Then we plant, and place the name and quote signs for visitors to read. Summer activities include garden maintenance, guiding patrons of the Colorado Shakespeare Festival through the gardens, giving teas and desserts for special occasions, and picnicking in the courtyard.

The playground: The pocket gardens included in the whole are: War of Roses Garden (History Plays), Kitchen Garden (Merry Wives of Windsor and other plays), Thyme Garden, Knot Garden, Midsummer Night's Dream Garden, Long Garden (other plays/plants), and the Highlight Garden (focus on current season's plays). They are in the courtyard near the SW corner of the University of Colorado (near the "Hill"), near the Colorado Shakespeare Festival's outdoor Mary Rippon and south of the Theatre and Dance Building.

The labor and cost: We share the work, the organization, the fundraising, and the fun. We are welcoming to new members, and encourage you to participate! Membership is $35 a year should you decide to join up permanently.

One of our fundraising efforts is a plant sale in the spring. Another is a book on 16th century distillation, at http://www.stillroombook.com

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