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This week is Rampart Rager practice. We will climb Rampart Range Road to the lake and back. If this is harder than what you want, you can turn back at any point you have achieved your personal goal. Bring plenty of water and some eats.

If you are not doing the Rager, just imagine the fun downhill after the climb :-)

If you are new to the route, a few places are chunky. I've done it on 32mm tires, but you can't go crazy fast downhill with 32mm tires unless you know which parts are chunky or you read the road with dilligence.

Ride type: Regroup Blue Gravel Ride, Category 2.

Recommended minimum tire width: 32mm.

Approximate total distance: 40 miles.

Approximate total elevation gain: 4500 ft.

Approximate duration: 3 hours.

Map and Cue sheet:

Start Location: GOG Trading Post (pick the small lot on the west side of the street.

The Saturday Morning Gravel Ride is a no drop ride with an emphasis on improving gravel riding skills and stamina. Riders who have an above average level of fitness are invited to join. The ride will re-group at turns and the top of climbs. If you are one of the first riders at a turn or up a climb, you have the option to ride back and repeat the ride/climb as often as you like until everyone finally arrives. Distance usually ranges from 20 to 40 miles. The ride usually lasts 2-4 hours. Difficulty and distance will vary because of the wide range of gravel along the front range.

The majority of rides are Category 2 with some Category 1 and Category 2; gravel tires in the range of 32mm to 38mm are appropriate. A Gravel King or Gravel King SK are example tire choices. I ride a Riddler 37 which is a good tire for some tarmac and all the gravel in this series. This tire is knobby like a Gravel King SK. Anything less than 32mm is under-biking, which is ok if you are experienced on gravel with narrow tires. A hardtail will also work, as long as you are willing to put in extra effort to keep up with the group.

Tire pressure determines how much traction you have, the rolling resistance, safety and other parameters. Envy has an article with a nice pressure table here:

Please bring water/nourishment and be prepared to fix flats and minor repairs. Many rides are away from major roads and cell service, and you need to be self sufficient, especially if you flat while in back of the group and are alone. That said, I encourage riding in pairs if you are slower so you are not alone.

Gravel categories are described here:

START TIMES: Winter (Oct -May) starting time, 10 am. Summer (June-August) starting time, 9am.

Leader: Michael Jones