Join the 2019 National Bike Challenge (NBC) CSCC Team

This is a past event

Every 2 weeks on Friday until September 25, 2019

Needs a location


The 2019 National Bike Challenge (NBC) runs 1 May - 30 Sept. 2018’s team competition was a disaster. 2019 returns to the old way – CSCC rides as 1 team (CSCC). Riders can sign up at the link below now & up to 29 Sept. Monthly miles must be entered before the end of each month. In earlier years you could do that until 10:58pm MDT on the last day. Last year they closed it 2 days before the month ended. This year? Past year CSCC history is included as a JPG. CSCC has been a top 20 national leader. Past 2019 NBC months progress is attached as a photo. May and June have been great months both Nationally and in Colorado.

Link to " " to read about NBC. Scroll to “Get yourself signed-up” to register. LAST YEAR’S RIDERS can sign in with last year’s ID and password, update your profile, go to “My Clubs & Groups” & select CSCC. NEW RIDERS select “NEW?” & and link to “Register here”, create an ID & password, file out your profile, go to “My Clubs & Groups” & select CSCC.

You can manually enter your miles on your profile page. You can also use 1 of 5 automatic ride tracking options. I didn’t see the scoring rules. In the past you earn 20 points a day for riding your bike plus you get a point for every mile ridden. All miles from all your rides during NBC count. Start from anywhere, finish your ride, and log your miles. You DO NOT have to be a member of CSCC to ride on our NBC team.