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This is a group for anyone that is LGBTQ that is tired of going to the only gay bar in Colorado Springs. There are so many more bars to check out. Problem is that some us don't feel comfortable to go to a straight bar to meet other friendly people. Some of us don't like going to the only gay bar here. The "Guerilla Warfare" bar crawl tactic is to get a huge number of gay/bisexual/lesbian/Transgender/Queer and LBGTQ friends to go and take over a straight bar. Safety in Numbers is what this group is for. In a straight bar, if one of us gets picked on then all of us get picked on! Trump may be president, but lets get our presence known here in Colorado Springs and that our money is just as good as anybody else's money. This is how we impact Colorado Springs. This is how we show that we can come in huge numbers as well. So tell your friends, gays, neighbors...anyone willing to join this cause and just have some good ole fun drinking at different bars to come join this club. I will personally call the bar/club to make reservations so please rsvp to these events. Events will take place once a month at first. If we can get a large enough turn out then we will go to twice a month. In my experience, no bar has ever turned down 250 plus people. Only way we can know each other is to join and instructions of where to meet and all go in together. This can be fun! Meet others and experience new places in a safe environment!!!! Lets go Guerilla this town and make some noise!!!

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