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Our first Full Moon Ritual of the fall -- and it's the Harvest Moon! We'll do potluck, of course -- carrying on the tradition (started by Coni last fall) of cooking a pot of Harvest Soup together, for which everyone brings an ingredient. Bring anything you'd like -- a potato, a leek, a carrot, garbanzo beans, tomatoes, any kind of veggie you like. But make it vegetarian so that everyone can enjoy it. You can also bring bread or cheese or fruit or anything else to go with the soup. We'll cook the soup while we're hanging out and then doing ritual. Then we'll finish the evening by eating our communal soup....

It's at the Mesa Picnic Area -- the same place we've had it lots of times before (and where we saw bears! the last time we were there). Look in the Files section for directions and maps. Also, this time, you can look for Branwyn's orange Honda Element at the entrance to the picnic area. Turn into the driveway where you see her car and follow it up the hill to the picnic area.

This is the lovely place where we have trees, covered picnic pavilions, privacy, and bathrooms!!!

So looking forward to seeing everyone who can come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!