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We'll meet for supper at Wooglin's and go across the street to Armstrong Hall on the Colorado College Campus to hear Josh Fox, environmental activist and writer/director of the award-winning movie "Gasland." His FREE presentation, starting at 7 p.m. is entitled "Fracking the Social Contract."

Josh's Academy Award nominated documentary focuses on communities in the U.S. impacted by natural gas drilling and, specifically, the method of horizontal drilling into shale formations known as slickwater fracking.

The film brings into the public realm another specter of collusion between private enterprise and government. Josh is currently finalizing release of his forthcoming film "Gasland2" which continues his assertions of political interference with sustainable energy wisdom and of our public mistrust of the systems intended to protect us. He concludes that fracking “does not just contaminate the water supply, but also government. All the money that's spent, all the influence that's peddled: this is the contamination of the political system." Colorado has one of the largest natural gas reserves in the world.

As practitioners of earth-based spirituality, many members of our community feel called upon to speak up and act on regulations governing the fracking planned in our own backyard. The Colorado Springs City Council is voting on November 27 on a set of "regulations" for oil and gas in our city which do NOT provide sufficient protection for the water we drink and the air we breathe. (For more info on fracking, you can visit http://www.savecoloradofromfracking.org)

The "regulations" proposed for Colorado Springs include:
*Voluntary water sampling;
*Voluntary air sampling;
*No "teeth" or repercussions for contamination (Under the Halliburton Loophole, oil and gas is NOT liable for groundwater contamination.)

After Banning-Lewis Ranch out east, the next areas in our community being looked at for fracking include Flying Horse Ranch, Spring Creek, the UCCS campus, and many other areas around town that meet the acreage criteria for fracking.

Each fracking well DESTROYS 5 million gallons of water per frack. This water, laced with toxic and cancer-causing chemicals, is unusable for any living thing once it comes out.

Ultra Resources, the company given a permit for up to 40 wells at Banning-Lewis Ranch, had over 200 violations in the last 5 years! There are currently 48,000 active wells in Colorado and 1000s more are coming. There are only 13 inspectors now for the entire state and, by their own records, 67% of the wells never were looked at in 2011. In fact, even as more wells are being drilled every day, the number of inspectors is being reduced.

To give you an idea of what might happen in Colorado Springs, consider this: a Suncor drilling operation is currently leaking benzene-contaminated water into the South Platte River at a rate of 3000 gallons PER MINUTE. It's been leaking since February 2011 (yes, that says 11, not 12) and, while this is leaking, Suncor and Denver Metro are squabbling over who will clean it up.

Please help protect the health of Mother Earth, your own health, and the health of generations to come by attending this and other upcoming anti-fracking events.

And please help spread the word. It can be tempting to think "It's hopeless; it's a done deal. There's nothing I can do." But consider this: the City of Longmont's YES ON 300 passed last Tuesday, miraculously (against all odds and a million dollars worth of opposition from oil and gas)! We can accomplish a similar goal here in the Springs if we stand together and act together.

If you can't come to hear Josh speak tonight, you can still take action:
There's a petition to sign at http://www.change.org/petitions/demand-robust-regulations-on-oil-gas-drilling-in-colorado-springs?utm_campaign=friend_inviter_modal&utm_medium=facebook&utm_source=share_petition&utm_term=1907...
You can also write an email to city council at allcouncil@springsgov.com to let them know how you feel about this important issue.

And, finally, plan to join us in attending the Colorado Springs City Council Meeting on November 27. (More details to come on this Meetup.)