What we're about

Anyone who is tired of struggling with money, relationships, health, happiness, career, addictions, drama, or any other negative areas of your life.. this group is for you!

Our purpose is to share some powerful ideas and information, that will empower you to start making some BIG changes in your life.

As a group, we are here to discover our true power and ability to create the life we want.

Our meetups start with a relaxing intro (some deep breathing and stretching to clear the mind) then we move into a guided 15 minute meditation.
After the welcome meditation, we move into a 20 minute teaching on 1 of MANY topics.. such as:
*Law of Attraction
*Visualization techniques
*Learning and the brain
*Pain and Stress
*The Quantum Field
*Mental Discipline

After the 20 minute presentation on the selected topic, we then open up the rest of our time to Questions & Answers from the community. This time is meant for us to discuss any thoughts, ideas, or experiences, from within the group. Everyone benefits when someone has a question.. so don't be shy!

We are on a constant exploration of ourselves, and our goal is to discover who we really are, so we can start creating the life we want!
We each have power beyond belief, and a purpose to use it. For 1 hour a week, raise your vibration and start attracting a better life!!

Past events (4)

Soul Searching Meetup

In the privacy of your own home

Mindwork Online Meetup @ 7pm!

In the privacy of your own home

Mindwork Online Meetup @ 7pm!

In the privacy of your own home

Manitou INCLINE at 2pm 👊

Manitou Incline

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