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Welcome to Let's Coffee Chat, serving the Colorado community since 2005!

Let's Coffee Chat is a local community brought together through a real cafe in our community. Our mission is to help businesses grow together.

We seek to encourage the spontaneity and friendship that the online social networks have brought to our lives, but bring this to a face-to-face environment. The key is to meet online, then in person, and then build a powerful online community.

Through building friendships in a warm, welcoming cafe environment, you will know that everyone is just like you in their desire to grow, learn, have trusted business friends, clients, and suppliers.

Our team of highly skilled business community builders are focused on your experience in Let's Coffee Chat. We encourage our members to network with you, build long-lasting relationships, and create an environment of passing referrals. Our desire is to encourage more trust in the amazing community the digital world offers.

Come, get involved and see what we can do to make your life as a business owner more financially rewarding and full of fun, friendship, and knowledge.

Demerique Novak
Let's Coffee Chat Founder
(719) 235-5445

NOTE: Let's Coffee Chat is owned by Preferred Insurance Solutions, an Independent Insurance Agency, and has been the Marketing and Digital Solutions Division since 2005.

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