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Do you live in an urban area?

Are you worried about the "what if's" that could potentially stop civilization for a while?

Do you know how to get ready to survive these pauses?

Well, Colorado finally has an outlet for this kind of educational material - the Colorado Urban Tactical Survival Group.

We meet in various venues on the first Tuesday of the month to share experiences, educate each other, try out new products, and just plain socialize with like-minded people.

Don't worry "Doomsday Preppers" won't be there trying to recruit anybody!

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Swap Meet?
Needs a date and time

Life and Liberty Gear

Lots of us have spare gear and equipment and some need more gear and equipment. Might I suggest that one of our upcoming meetups be centered around a swap meet where everyone brings stuff they no longer need or want and we can buy/sell/trade around?

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PEN Monthly Meeting for November. Hammocks

Jean's Warehouse

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