Eclipse Reality and a ride to hell (in VR) with Digital Wizards


This month we have two guest speakers that will talk to us about their VR/XR projects. Don’t miss this one.

Aldana and Fernando from Digital Wizards will tell us how they solved some of the most challenging problems and technical difficulties during the development of their VR game, Soloman Kane: A Ride to Hell. It’s a fantastic VR game experience.

Ryan from Eclipse Reality will have an open discussion around some XR tech you probably haven’t heard of or haven’t been able to try. He'll also talk about his ambitious plans to open an XR experience center. Be sure you get a chance to try the VirZoom in VR.

Detailed descriptions below from Digital Wizards and Eclipse Reality.

Solomon Kane: A Ride to Hell is a first-person Virtual Reality adventure/combat game for Oculus Rift, Vive, and Windows Mixed Reality designed from the ground up with room-scale movement and VR combat mechanics in mind. Step into the wide brimmed slouch hat of Solomon Kane, a man pursued by his past and haunted by the future; guiding him through a world that is slowly being consumed by a potent darkness. Fight through plagued villages, gallop through treacherous forests, climb steep cliffs and use your skills to push back against the night in a game that features an instinctive combat system, deep haptic feedback, eye-catching environments, dynamic destruction, a carefully constructed story and innovative mechanics.

Eclipse Reality has an ambition to write a new reality. To do this, we are incorporating and expanding on areas ranging from better access, to a more educated public on XR. This evening, we will introduce ourselves. Who we are, who we look to become. Our main topic of discussion is
XR tech you have never heard of. We will create an open discussion about this tech, how it impacts the big players, and how we as consumers will use it.

ROUGH schedule
6:30-7 pm - pre-meeting mingle/network
7-7:30ish - news, announcements, rumors, gossip, and intros
7:30-8:00 presenter 1
8:00-8:30 presenter 2
8:30 + hands on demos and mingle/networking