Beyond Monogamy: Open Relationships and Polyamory 101

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Today in the United States, more adults describe themselves as non-monogamous than who describe themselves as gay or bi-sexual, yet there are far fewer resources available for those who are beginning exploration of polyamory or open relationships.

Maybe you’ve heard about non-monogamy through the increasing news coverage, or had a friend introduce you to the idea and you thought, “this might be for me!” This class will help you learn more about non-monogamy and give you a good foundation from which to start exploring.

This class will cover an introduction to common terms and ideas, and give you a few questions to start asking yourself and your partner/s to help you get off on the right foot.

The instructors, Isaac and Jordyn, will discuss their experience with over a decade of polyamorous living and relationships. No question will be too personal or invasive, so bring *everything* you might want to ask.


These classes are FREE for everyone!!

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The workshops are held at:

Denver's Dangerous Theater

2620 W. 2nd Ave #1

Denver, CO 80219

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