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I'd love to share this event with any millionaire minds again! I'd love you all to come out! Last time was so fun meeting some of you at Nature's Table! Here’s a way to get some money stress out of your life! Please join me with my great friend David at this enlightening and beneficial healthy wealth building seminar to see how you can take what you may be doing (or not doing) now, with your hard-earned money, and make it work overtime, smarter and harder, for you and your family in today’s very uncertain economy! Learn to create HEALTHY money! Have some much deserved peace!

What you will learn:

· What are today’s Economic Challenges

· How you can become your own private bank and stop giving money away to big Banks and Big Lenders and stressing over interest lost.

· What is REALLY going on with 401K’s and IRA’s that’s robbing honest hard working people like us

· How to gain the greatest tax advantages and what the government hasn’t shared openly with you.

· How to integrate home ownership or future home ownership into an Investment Strategy instead of worrying about it sucking up your money.

· The RIGHT way to help kids and grandkids plan for college (Often a families 2nd largest investment!)

· How to protect your family, assets, and financial future, now and through retirement without worrying about how the economy affects your ability to do it successfully.

Who Should Attend:

Young Families - If you are a young family with a new home or would like to own one someday and have children going to college in the future, we will shed light on how you manage these in a way you may not be hearing from your friends and family.

Couples and Working Professionals - We all want to retire one day and not stress about how we are going to do it, and we want have the things we work hard for now as well. We show you how to do these and leverage money properly and away from the hands of greedy financial advisors and banks.

Everyone Interested in Building Better Financial Futures and MakingTheir Money HEALTHY!!

Please note: This is a general educational seminar and we do not discuss any specific company’s financial products or services or sell any specific products or services. Please come prepared to learn how you can gain the healthy financial advantage and peace of mind so many Americans are looking for!

Here is a great compliment from Lennie that she posted on another board after our last class... Thanks Lennie! :

"Danielle gave an extremely informative presentation! Not to mention the venue was incredible. Health and wealth information...doesn't get any better than that. Nature's Table is a great place to hold an event. The staff was great, the food delicious, and everyone that attended was a lot of fun. I would encourage everyone to attend these events. Danielle is a polished presenter and provides information everyone should be aware of regarding their financial future."

We will be at Smokey Hill Library in Room B
Hope to see you there!