Door 86 Vegan Cheese Event (Sample; buy what you like!) + Benefit Wine Tasting

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THIS JUST IN! I will be serving organic, vegan red and white wine (until it runs out!) at the "Go Vegan" table. Suggested donation $5 to benefit Our Hen House (, a media movement to make the world a better place for animals! - JL

Last Sunday I had the pleasure of nibbling some fabulous vegan cheese made by Daphne Medina of Door 86 ( at the Neat Market in Denver. I invited Daphne to come to Colorado Springs with samples of her delicious artisanal, vegan, cultured, cheese. She will also bring plenty to sell so bring cash or a local check! (edited to add: or credit card!)

More about Door 86 vegan cheese:


Brie- Rich, creamy smooth. Like buttah.
Camembert- Smooth, rich and creamy. Perfect with fruit or jam.

Gruyere- Amazing flavor. Fantastic for making gooey fondue!

Stinky Blue-Green- very similar to a strong blue cheese! sharp, tangy and full flavored.

Fresh Mozzarella- Mild and creamy. Perfect for pairing with ripe tomatoes.

Brown Cheese: Piquant, sharp cheese. Pairs well with dark beer. Left to age, it becomes hard and grates like Parmesan.

Chevre: Light, tangy goat cheese. Flavors include: Peppercorn, Herbs de Provence, Cranberry, Plain. (RAW)

Drunken Goat: Aged chevre washed with red wine.
Cream Cheese: Thick, rich, spreadable cream cheese just screams to be smeared on a bagel. Flavors include plain, garlic-herb, and agave maple cinnamon. (RAW)

Cheese Ball: Yes. Cheese Ball. Creamy, cheesy goodness flecked with crispy shallots and chives. Rolled in toasted pecans.

Raw Herb: Like Boursin. Only better.
Raw Agave-Shallot w/balsamic swirl: Creamy, slightly sweet with an herbal touch from an addition of fresh rosemary.

White Cheddar: Nutty and full-flavored. Pairs well with hard ciders or wheat beers.

Sharp Cheddar: Aged, sharp and perfect for just about anything, especially apple pie!

Sriracha Cheddar: Sharp cheddar flavored with spicy sriracha sauce.

Meltable Monterey Jack: Melty, oozy goodness. Perfect on anything!

I use only 100% natural/ organic ingredients. ALL of these cheeses contain cashews, rejuvelac, nutritional yeast, sea salt and filtered water.

Based on the flavor profiles, some of the following ingredients** are also added.

Miso (light and dark)
Fermented tofu
Fermented cabbage
Agave nectar
Agar Agar/Carageenan
Tapioca flour
Almond milk
Blue-Green Algae
White wine
Pumpkin seeds
Coconut cream yogurt (homemade)
Almond/soy yogurt (homemade)
Various herbs/spices

Fresh Brie with blackberry jam, fig spread, and almond crackers