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I am going to start a new idea for 2012. This new meetup will be called Breakfast and Film! This is a new idea of doing breakfast and watching a first run movie. The movie tavern website provides all the details. This is a very popular feature for the Movie Tavern and I think it will be fun for our movie goers. The movie starts at 9am every Saturday and Sunday. There is no more window as we had before, the time will always be at 9am every month. I will announce the movie as soon as it becomes available. I hope to see many of you there for early morning fun. There is a choice of early Saturday or early Sunday and with respect to those who attend church, I will do an early Saturday meetup. I will normally do an early Saturday meetup unless other issues arise. There may be occasional Sunday morning meetups.

NOTE: If you cannot attend this meetup because of work or time constraints, please check out my other meetup for Retro Night which is posted for at least 2 Thursday nights each month at 7pm. Check out that meetup for more information!

This theater is in SE Aurora at the corner of Tower Rd and Hampden Ave. This theater is the kind that you eat and watch the movie. You are not obligated to buy food, but if you are hungry, they have a great menu of breakfast choices. The food selection is like a Denny's, IHOP or Village Inn and fairly priced overall. The staff is very good about trying not to interrupt the movie for individual service. It is a lot of fun and the food is really good. I have posted the menu for this event and you can check it out by clicking on the link provided.

I will post the movie a few days before the meetup. NOTE!!!The movie will be @ 9am FOR EVERY MEETUP!!!!

There are ALWAYS many good movies coming out ever month. It should be fun to see what will be the morning movie to enjoy with your breakfast.

Let's see what we can do for a regular movie meetup each month. If you are looking for a movie meetup monthly, this is for YOU! If you do not get a chance to get to the movie theater each month or are looking for a group to go with, this is for YOU!! If you really like seeing new movies in the theater, this is for YOU!!! Who wants to wait for Netflix or RedBox, lets go to the movies!!!

Please follow the link below for the movie times if you want to follow them yourself or check out the menu. The times are usually posted every Wednesday night or Thursday afternoon for the upcoming weekend. It will include the current titles, new movies coming out and all the times for the meetup weekend. If you have any questions or concerns you can post yours at the discussion link below or email me directly. We can also have a discussion afterwards about the movie and see if that is interesting for everyone to do together. I hope to see you all there for regular movie fun all year round. Thank you for your interest and I will see you at the movies!


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