What we're about

This is group is for adult survivors of childhood abuse and neglect. It is for people who have experienced long term interpersonal trauma with no hope of escape that is causing problems in present day adult relationships and functioning. This can be fairly common in people who have had long term relationships of any kind with persons suffering from Narcissistic Personality disorder, Borderline Personality disorder, Anti-Social Personality Disorder or Histrionic Personality Disorder.

We will be having a book discussion using Pete Walkers book "CPTSD- From Surviving to Thriving". There is no need to prepare ahead of time. Just show up and we will pass around the book and everyone can take turns reading aloud and sharing if they choose.

We may also plan some social outings as it can be difficult for trauma survivors to make emotional connections, feel safe, and have fun. IIt may be good to practice this in a safe environment with people who can understand what you have been through

After all, connecting with others is a very important part of recovery!

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