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Sorry for the delay in our second get together, everybody! I have been out of town and very busy (I'm sure everyone is)! I hope everyone can make it!

So basically, people can come over after work or whatever. We can watch a show of choice for a little while, have some drinks, and eat some snacks. With it being so regular, I think a potluck type of deal would be a good idea for food.
Once we have a regular group going, it should be easier to figure out what food and drinks we want to have, but the first time we can just wing it. Frozen pizza, macaroni and cheese, etc. Something easy. If anyone has any ideas, let me know!
Please let me know if you have pet allergies. We have a long haired cat and I can lock him up and extra super vacuum if needed!
I will send out my address to RSVP yeses again. Or call or text if you are a last minute yes :) 856-430-5733
Comment with show choices, things you plan to bring, whatever. We could watch a whole season/series of something if there was interest or we can choose randomly! Tradition is to watch Dr.Horrible at the beginning of the event :)

Hope to see everyone there! :) Also, I am putting an RSVP cap because we live in a not very big apartment, but I doubt it will be an issue. If it truly fills up maybe we could consider doing it at someone else's place in the future! And if you want to come, just text me. There is never an event where everybody shows up!

**21 & over please. I will be serving (and consuming) alcohol. :)