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I have changed the name of this bi weekly event to include socializing because of how much socializing we did last night! We can still watch shows but I personally enjoyed chatting about them too! :)

I will make food. (More food this time, Grant) Usually appetizer like food- bagel bites, pizza, tater tots... etc. Nothing healthy. If you have dietary restrictions feel free to bring your own food! I will send out a menu this time. Sorry I was super slacking this week, but next time will be better.

And we always have booze. And usually lemonade and some diet coke. Feel free to bring other beverages if you prefer!

Also! I have a long haired cat. We no longer have a super allergic guest, so if you are super allergic please tell me so I can super vacuum everything for you! I can also lock him up if necessary. Otherwise prepare to have his cat face rubbed all over you. His name is Mr. Giles, if that makes anyone feel better.

Anyway, I am rambling a bit in this description but bottom line: Food, Drinks, Friends, Whedon shows.

Hope to see everyone there! I will email my address out the night before to people who RSVP yes. Text me if you need anything: 856-430-5733


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