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Hey Everyone!

I'm sorry it's been so long since we hosted an event. Summer is a crazy time and finding an open date has been tricky. But let's all get together after work for a happy hour/show watching/socializing event next Tuesday 7/22! Here is what to expect:

The place: Our Apartment

It's not very big and we have (tight) seating for 8 (more if I put out the air mattress to sit on-it's not classy but it works!) Usually some of us end up watching shows and some of us end up chatting in the kitchen so seating isn't a super terrible problem. We're really casual so we can figure it out as we go. I don't put a limit on the attendees but you can expect it to be a bit crowded.

Food and Drink:

I pick a theme for the week (tbd) and make mixed dinner food and usually have a theme drink. We always have vodka, rum, gin, etc. As far as mixers we usually have lemonade, diet coke, and cranberry juice. People usually ask me what they should bring. Other mixers/non alcoholic beverages are a good choice. Snack foods (especially veggies which I tend to neglect) are always welcome. And of course, alcohol. There can never be too much and we don't really drink beer so we don't usually have any that anyone likes. Hint, hint... bring your own beer if you want it! :)


We watch Whedon shows! And sometimes random YouTube videos. It depends on the vibe. Everyone has very different taste so I usually put something on and then let the mob control it from there. We will probably watch Dr. Horrible since it's been awhile. And then there's always the group that ends up socializing in the kitchen and not really watching anything. There's something for everyone :)


I have a long haired cat. His name is Mr. Giles! He sheds A LOT, so if you have allergies please let me know and I will do things like keep the throw blankets clean in the dryer until guests arrive and vacuum the furniture thoroughly.

I will email my address and the menu out the night before the event to everyone who RSVP's yes. I will not be offended if you don't like the food I'm serving, feel free to bring something for yourself if need be :)

If you have any questions/concerns or if I left something out... please feel free to email me. I hope to see everyone (I mean... not all 150 of you but, a lot of you) there!

Looking forward to it!

Christina (and Josh)