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We hike in the surrounding areas of The Columbia River Gorge, an outdoor paradise; where every hike may become your new favorite hike. With miles of trails, it's a hikers dream. An informative description of hikes will be posted when scheduled.
" Hiking Meditation" is a hiking group of The Columbia River Gorge, Bend OR and Marin CA that combines hiking with meditation. Some of us have meditated for years, but most of us have little or no experience with meditation. Before each hike begins, our organizer Devi Denson certified and validated meditation, Yoga and Breathe teacher, will teach the basics of hiking meditation, along with more advanced methods, the psychology and stages of hiking meditation, emphasis will vary. See www.awakeningwinds.com
The Exotic Movable Feast
This feast idea was the inspiration of Mindful Hiker Andrew Di Genova. Here is how it works. We all bring something for ourselves to eat and something to share. I encourage you to bring foods that are unique to your culture or individual tastes. At the midway point in our hike, in a beautiful location, we prepare for our “Exotic Movable Feast”. Then we all share the wonderful exotic foods that each of us brought.
Typical Hike Outline:
*Meet and carpool to trail head
*Teaching on Hiking Meditation-emphasis will vary
*Hike-organized for silence and for visiting, with some stops for teachings and Yoga
*The Exotic Movable Feast
Hikes take place on random weekdays and weekends, please check the schedule.
"Walking Meditation" and "Hiking Meditation" are the same thing. We walk, we hike, with a mindful awareness. It's whole-hearted, concentration in motion. It’s suspending all judgmental thinking and letting words, ideas, images and thoughts pass by without getting involved in them. Hiking is an outdoor activity which consists of walking in natural environments, often in hilly, mountainous or other scenic terrain areas.
The River Gorge area provides the visual splendor and abundant trails as beautiful as any place on earth. Mindful Hikers, we provide our attention. In hiking meditation we use the experience of hiking as our focus. We become fully mindful of our experience while hiking. We try to keep our awareness involved with the experience of stepping, breath, sight or sound. We are aware of emotions and thoughts while not being carried away by them.

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