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Welcome to the Columbus Japanese Benkyoukai!

Benkyoukai means ‘study group’. As such, our goal is to provide a place where those who know Japanese can come and practice what they have learned. We cannot teach you the language, but if you are already conversational but don’t have a place to practice, we are the group for you!

Our Events

• Free Conversation is designed for those who have a high level of Japanese proficiency and can have a conversation without help (i.e. slowing down, repeating, using English). The conversation topics will range from everyday life and entertainment to news and current events.

• Guided Conversation is aimed at those who have a grasp of the fundamental Japanese grammar and vocabulary needed for everyday conversation, but who may need a little more help or time when actually forming those sentences. In these events, we will slow things down, giving participants time to form their sentences and share with the group, using English only when needed.

Please note that our group does not provide lessons in Japanese. We do not have events that are not conversation-based (like grammar or kanji instruction). If you have a question from your studies, we would be more than happy to answer it during the event. However, the purpose of our group is to provide a place for those who already know Japanese to come and practice.

If you are someone who wants to learn but doesn’t know where to start, our organizers would be happy to point you in the right direction. Feel free to message us at any time.

Native Speakers who want to have Japanese conversations are also welcome!




①Free Conversationは日本語上級者を対象にした自由会話のイベントです。トピックスとしては日常生活やセレブから最新のニュースまでなんでもお話しします。

②Guided Conversationは日本語の基礎を学び、それを会話に使用するときに少々ヘルプが必要な方に向けた会話イベントです。会話のペースはフリーより少しゆっくりですが、メンバー全員の協力でいい日本語の文章を作ったり、それについて話し合ったりするチャンスになります。もちろん必要に応じて英語を使っても構いません。


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