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Creative Collective Team Two: Multiple Exposure Photography (film or digital)

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Our Creative Collective events give members the opportunity to collaborate together as a small group. The CC Team Leader will choose a topic, and once a team is formed (by members RSVPing), the CC team will choose a location and communicate about the details of the photo shoot.

Important: Do not RSVP to this event unless you are 100% committed to being a member of the team. Team members who cancel less than 72 hours before the event may not be eligible to participate in future Creative Collective events. Active participation is crucial to the success of these events.


CC Team Leader: Josh Smith

Topic: Multiple Exposure Photographs

Multiple Exposure Photography

I am putting together a Creative Collective team of members who are interested in getting out and creating multiple exposures together! Be sure to read all of the details in this description before RSVPing "Yes" and joining the team.

Inspirational Multiple Exposure Photographs (all made IN CAMERA):

Photograph by Dan Mountford (

Photograph by Ua Chamberlain (

Photograph by Ua Chamberlain (

Equipment Requirements: In order to make Multiple Exposure Photographs you will need a film or digital camera that will allow you to make at least two exposures on the same photograph. Film cameras that do not "auto-advance" the film to the next frame work for this technique. Digital cameras like the Canon 5D Mark III have a Multiple Exposure function.

NOTICE: This is not a class or workshop, your leader is not your instructor. Everyone on the team is expected to contribute their time, resources, knowledge, and enthusiasm.