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I will be hosting different types of groups that can help relieve pain and illness with energy work. One type of group will be a combination of Holy Fire III® Reiki® experiences while sending everyone Holy Fire III® Reiki and Holy Fire III® Karuna Reiki®. The Holy Fire experiences are a guided script that can be much more powerful and transformational than a guided meditation. The other type of group will be tapping for pain relief together as a group. We tap and pain and/or illnesses. Doing this as a group can be more powerful, more healing and more transformational. The benefit of tapping together as a group is that more layers to be healed can come to the surface during a group than a one on one session. This group is for anyone who wants to heal on a deep level and who is looking for more than just symptom relief alone. Reiki and tapping are the tools that I use when people say they have tried everything else without results.

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Live tapping for pain relief

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